Solar Experts in Greater Brisbane, Gold Coast

Frequently Asked Questions

What warranties do we offer on our solar systems?

We stand by the quality of our solar systems, ensuring they offer lasting performance. Here are the warranties we provide:


We offer a lifetime warranty for solar system installation.

Solar Panels

  • Phono: 15 year manufacturer’s warranty and 25 year extended warranty –
  • JA Solar Panels (25yr product warranty with 30 year power output warranty) –
  • Longi Solar Panels (25yr product warranty with 25 year linear power output warranty) –

Inverters & Batteries

  • Sungrow: 5 year parts and labour warranty plus 5 year parts-only warranty –
  • GoodWe Inverters with 10yr Warranty and batteries (Batteries –
  • Enphase Micro Inverters (15yr Warranty) and Batteries (15yr Warranty) –

What else can I do to reduce my Power Bill?

After installing Solar Power ; explore further ways to lower your power bill:

  • Optimise energy usage during daylight hours to maximise solar power utilization.
  • Consider an Energy Audit to identify potential savings.
  • Upgrade to energy-efficient appliances like LED lighting and efficient hot water systems.
  • Minimize standby power usage and set optimal temperatures for air conditioners and heaters.
  • Utilize natural drying methods for clothes and consider energy-efficient dishwashing practices.
  • Regularly defrost fridges and use appliances wisely to conserve energy.
  • Install LED Lighting for significant energy savings.
  • Maximize dishwasher loads and consider defrosting fridges regularly.
  • Boil only the necessary amount of water for beverages.

Benefits of Solar Power Systems

  • Solar power harnesses clean, renewable energy from the sun.
  • It reduces electricity bills by utilizing free solar energy.
  • Excess solar energy can be sold back to the grid.
  • Solar panels contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

How do the Solar Panels work?

Solar panels generate electricity through photovoltaic (PV) cells exposed to sunlight. The generated direct current (DC) is converted to alternating current (AC) by a Solar Inverter for use in premises. Excess electricity can be exported to the grid, generating additional savings through feed-in tariffs.

Is there any ongoing maintenance required with my Solar Power System?

Solar systems require minimal mechanical maintenance due to their lack of moving parts. Regular monitoring and occasional cleaning ensure optimal performance. Fallon Solutions offers on-call maintenance and yearly maintenance plans for comprehensive care.

What are the Government Rebates and benefits with Solar?

Government rebates are available in the form of Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs). These certificates can be traded to reduce system costs or assigned to a registered solar panel agent. STCs are based on the estimated electricity generation and can significantly offset installation expenses.

How does solar generate income?

Solar power reduces electricity bills by utilizing self-generated energy and selling excess power back to the grid. The feed-in tariff pays for surplus solar energy exported to the grid, contributing to overall savings.

Does a Solar System, really reduce my power bill?

The amount of savings depends on factors like system size, energy usage, and solar generation. Using solar power during daylight hours optimizes savings by reducing reliance on grid electricity.

What is involved in installing solar?

  1. Work out your requirements
    • Check your roof will be suitable- what is the structure that will hold the system in place and what part of the roof gets the most sun?
    • Review your power bills to work out what size solar you will require. Check that your roof will be suitable to allow for solar.
  2. Where will the system go?
    • Which part of the roof gets the most sun in summer and winter?
    • Are there any trees that need to be considered that cause shade to the roof? Are there any obstacles in the way, TV antennas or solar heating etc?
    • Will I require fixed or adjustable panels?
    • Are you planning any renovation work that might affect the location?
    • Do my panels need to be tilted to ensure I maximise the amount of sun they get?
  3. Choose a system?
    • Talk to our consultant about different systems to work out what will suit your requirements.
    • Find out about warranties.
    • What after sales service do the company offer? What ongoing maintenance needs to be carried out?
  4. Order and Installation
    • Once the deposit is paid your system will be ordered and then installed. Most systems can usually be installed within one day.
    • The Solar Installers will show you how to work the system.
  5. Maintain the Solar Panels
    • Keep them well maintained to the manufactures instructions.
    • Caution when planting trees that may affect the performance of your solar in the future.
    • Keep the panels clean and dust free – they will perform better.

What should I know before I purchase a Solar System?

Before choosing a solar installer, consider factors such as experience, accreditation, warranties, and brand reputation. Ensure the installer offers comprehensive after-sales service and is committed to industry standards.

Why Install Solar Panels?

There are many reasons to install a Solar Power System:

  • Savings on electricity bills.
  • Potential income from excess solar power.
  • Increased property value.
  • Environmental benefits by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Availability of government rebates.

Harness the power of the sun to save money and contribute to a sustainable future with solar power from Fallon Solutions.