Stadium Lighting Australia

Custom design & installation of top quality stadium lights

From school sports stadiums to large multi purpose professional stadium venues; Australian Sports Lighting Solutions offer specialist lighting design, installation and maintenance for all stadium lighting requirements throughout Queensland and New South Wales.

Australian Sports Lighting Solutions offers completely customised stadium lighting applications for facilities large and small. To get started on your stadium lighting project today call us on 1300 054 488 or enquire here.

Professional stadium lighting design

Providing an environment in which players of all levels can perform effectively and at their best, regardless of the natural light levels, is essential for every sporting venue. As every sport, venue layout, and facility location are unique, every stadium lighting project needs to be fully tailored to these specific aspects.

Effective and functional stadium lighting design can depend on factors such as: the level of competition, the sport, number of players, and the spectator viewing area. As many sporting facilities cater for several different types of sports or events the lighting may need to be able to cater for varied usage throughout the year.

Stadium light system design must consider aspects such as long term energy efficiency, easy to use operating systems, glare management, and spill lighting effects need to be considered. Our sports lighting team will work with your club or sporting facility management to ensure a successful project completion with your requirements and budget.

We can also help with grant applications or community funding requests, our stadium lighting team will take your project from design to commissioning.

Outdoor stadium lighting applications

Australian Sports Lighting Solutions offers outdoor stadium lighting for a huge range of sports and applications in and around the venue. These include:

  • Outdoor lighting on pathways to help fans arrive safely at the stadium
  • Pitch or field lighting provides ideal conditions for players and fans
  • Stand lighting to create atmosphere and excitement
  • Suitable Lighting for advertisers and sponsors signage
  • Exit/Emergency Lighting and Corridor Lighting
  • Mood and Effect Lighting for Stadium Facades and Features
  • Television Lighting for broadcast events
  • Multipurpose Lighting
  • Field Floodlighting
  • Car Park Lighting
  • Cafeteria/Canteen lighting

Your local stadium lighting experts

Australian Sports Lighting Solutions have been supplying quality Stadium lighting solutions across Australia for over 40 years.

Our experienced team of lighting engineers, structural specialists, and electrical engineers manage and carry out outdoor stadium lighting projects throughout Queensland and New South Wales recreational facilities.

If your club or sporting facility is looking for a stadium lighting installation or upgrade specialist contact our team at 1300 054 488 or complete our sports lighting quote request form today.