Top 10 Benefits Of LED Sports Lighting

Looking to invest in some new sports lighting?

Well, when considering your options, contemplate these 10 benefits of installing LED lights as opposed to traditional globes.

LED lighting is the most current development in the lighting industry and we hope this helps you make an informed decision due to the potential to brighten your sports facilities, whilst reducing expenditure.

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#1 LED Lifespan

LED light lifespan is far superior. In fact, on average, an LED light’s operating hours are between 50,000 and 100,000 hours! This means that an LED light can last from 6 to 12 years before it needs to be replaced. That equates to 2 – 4 times longer than most fluorescent lights and more than 40 times longer than the average incandescent globe.

#2 LED Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency of a light is measured in ‘useful lumens’ and can be referred to as ‘luminous efficacy’. Both of these terms basically represent the amount of light that is emitted per unit of power consumed by the light.

Depending on the existing lights, LED lighting can save you 60% and up! (based on our previous projects, see our cases studies here)

#3 Operate well in both hot and cold conditions

LED lights can withstand the harsh Australian conditions; but not just the heat, they are also great in cold conditions. The cold can have an affect on outdoor lighting as the excessive heat emissions that the globes produce causes them to burst and need to be replaced more frequently.

#4 Colour Rendering Index (CRI)

CRI is a 0 to 100 scale that is used to measure how colours look under artificial light, as opposed to natural light. 0 light shows colours that do not match sunlight, whereas 100 shows colours exactly as they would be seen in sunlight. Indoor lighting is best at a CRI of 80+ but for outdoor sports lighting, a score of 90+ is recommended as the lower CRI can deceive the eye and affect sports players’ performance.

#5 Directional Emissions

LED lights emit 180 degrees compared to 360 degrees that all other lights radiate. This is extremely inefficient because half the light is either wasted or has to be reflected and redirected to the required area.

#6 Design Flexibility

LEDs can be used in so many applications as they can be grouped together for large installations, such as sports lighting, or strung together to make small Christmas lights and every shape and size in between!

#7 Virtually Zero UV and Heat Emissions

  • UV emissions are usually mentioned in relation to the sun and the dangers associated with it. However, artificial lights also produce UV emissions and, although significantly less than the sun, can still have adverse effects.
  • Heat emissions can actually end up being a hazard, especially when it comes to sports lighting. LED lighting emits negligible heat compared to incandescent lights that turn approximately 90% of the total energy into heat. Although, yes, this does make them incredibly inefficient, the heat given out can have an adverse effect on sports people and lead to dangerous playing environments, especially indoors.

#8 Dimming Capacity

LEDs can be run from 0% to 100% of their capacity. This enables you to dim the lighting when it is not needed at full capacity; making the lighting more efficient as they run on less power. (Traditional dimming switches are not compatible with LEDs though so an LED dimmer switch is required)

#9 Instantaneous Turn On and Off

There is no warm up period for LED lighting so they can be turned on and off instantaneously. Because LEDs are not affected by frequent switching, there is no degradation to the lights hence their lifespan is not reduced.

#10 Environmentally Safe

Fluorescent lighting and mercury vapour lights use mercury internally as part of their construction. Because of this, when they reach the end of their lifespan they require special handling, which LEDs do not.

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