Digital TV Problems

Are you suffering with digital tv reception problems?

Is your TV reception poor quality, keeps on dropping out, or not as good quality as your neighbours? There are a number of reasons why you are experiencing digital TV problems. Your current antenna system could not be adequate, located in the wrong position or may have been damaged or misplaced by wild weather. Alternatively, there may be an issue with the amplifier, the connectors or possibly even interference from your solar panels!

TV reception and antenna issues are an intricate business with many factors involved. For a complete analysis of your tv, antenna system, data or cabling, Call us on 1300 054 488 or book now!

Does your TV reception or internet keep dropping out?
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Poor digital TV reception

The best way to resolve your digital TV reception problems is to get in touch with the team at Fallon Solutions. Fallon Solutions TV and antenna team can come to your home or business and diagnose your reception issues. We usually start by testing your signal strength, from this information we can identify the cause of your TV reception problems and provide you with the most efficient and cost- effective solution. You’ll be back watching you favourite shows in no time!

What is a digital cliff?

If a disturbance is found with the TV signal this will affect the quality the picture and sound. Called a digital cliff, this disturbance will cause your TV to ‘drop out’. Unlike the old analogue signal which just gets static or snowy when the signal is bad, digital TV’s show a blank screen. This can be seriously annoying and can usually be fixed by our technicians quite quickly. Don’t put up with the digital cliff, Call us on 1300 054 488 today.

Digital TV reception problems resolved

If you are experiencing regular picture dropouts or lost signals, you will need to consider the following:

  • Is the antenna in the best position?
    Your antenna may need to be adjusted to ensure that you are getting the strongest possible signal. Tree growth, building developments or changes in transmitter towers can all affect your signal strength.
  • Do you have the correct antenna?
    Some older style antennas/aerials are not designed to get the best quality digital signal.
  • Are your cables and connections digital friendly?
    Digital TV signals are best passed through quad shielded coaxial cables and good quality F connectors.
  • Is your digital receiver scanning correctly?
    As channels change, your receiver needs to rescan to update frequencies.

Digital TV

Bad digital TV reception? Call in Fallon Solutions TV and antenna technicians for peace of mind knowing you are dealing with a well established reputable company. Call us on 1300 054 488 or enquire here.

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