Which smoke detector brands do you repair or replace?

Fallon Solutions smoke alarm electricians offer a range of smoke alarm services across Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Our alarm specialists can inspect, repair, or replace all of the following smoke alarm brands:

  • Tradeforce
  • PSA – inc Lifesaver, Homeguard
  • Clipsal Fire Tek
  • Brooks
  • Cavius
  • Guardian
  • Legrand
  • Clipsal
  • Fire Sentry
  • MATelec
  • FirePro

We also work with security system connected smoke alarms from:

  • Bosch Security
  • Ness Security

Our smoke alarm specialists recommend Brooks

Fallon Solutions smoke alarm specialists recommend top quality alarms from Brooks Australia. The Brooks range of mains powered or battery powered home smoke alarms are designed and manufactured right here in Australia.

Brooks Smoke Alarms Logo

Using a Brooks smoke alarm means you’re:

  • Backed by a 100% owned Australian company
  • Fitting an alarm which is designed specifically for Australian conditions
  • Installing a smoke alarm which goes through multiple stages of testing during the manufacturing process.
  • Choosing a CSIRO tested and Activfire certified alarm.
  • Supported locally

More information on Brooks smoke alarms – brooks.com.au

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We supply and install all types of smoke alarms

To ensure we have a solution for the fires safety systems in your home we supply and install a range of smoke alarms types including:

  • Hard wired – or 240-volt smoke alarms, are connected directly to the mains power of your home.
  • Wireless or RadioLINK (Brooks) – allows alarms in your home to be interconnected without the need for wired connections.
  • 9-volt battery powered – this style requires routine battery replacements.
  • 10 year lithium battery – these alarms are fitted with a non-removable 10 year battery, so no need to worry about changing the battery every year.
  • AudioLINK – these Brooks alarms allow you to record data such as incident times via an AudioLINK app.
  • Photoelectric – ideal for quickly detecting common smoky or smouldering house fires.
  • Ionisation – good at detecting fast flaming fires with minimal smoke. Can be prone to false alarms if located too near kitchens or bathrooms.

Carbon monoxide and heat alarms

To provide complete protection for your home we can also supply carbon monoxide alarms and heat alarms.

Carbon monoxide is an odourless waste product created during the gas burning process. It can build up to dangerous levels in homes with gas heating causing serious health problems in the short and long term. Carbon monoxide alarms provide an early warning system for residents.

Heat alarms can be used in kitchens without the worry of false alarms as they only react to heat rather than smoke or cooking fumes.

Not sure which smoke alarm is right for your home?

Brooks has a quick tool to find out what type of smoke alarm is best for your situation – Which home smoke alarm is right for you?