Signs you need to check your smoke detector

Most of the time your smoke detector will sit unnoticed on your ceiling or wall silently alert for the first sign of smoke or fire. Occasionally it will leap into action when you overcook the toast or smoke up the frying pan but other than that you’ll probably forget it’s there.

The problem with forgetting about your smoke alarms is often you don’t notice that they are not doing their job as well. To ensure the alarm maintains a good working order they are fitted with, often quite noticeable, warning systems to let you know something is not right.

Brooks Smoke Alarm

Here are just a few signs that your smoke alarm needs repairs or a battery replacement:

  • Beeping
  • Chirping
  • Tinkle sounds
  • Screaming
  • Squealing
  • Flashing red light
  • Age – smoke alarms last for around 10 years so if yours are older than that (installed before 2009) it’s time to replace them.

Consult your smoke alarm manual for specific failure warning signs for that model or brand.

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Testing your smoke alarms

Another way to be sure your alarms are ready to go if a fire occurs is to carry out a simple test. Our smoke alarm specialists recommend performing this test once a month to ensure your family is protected.

The test can be carried out by:

  • Pressing the ‘T’ or ‘Test’ button on the alarm for at least 5 seconds or until it beeps
  • Using ‘smoke in a can’ or an aerosol smoke detector test spray – the spray simulates smoke particles enabling residents to test the alarm safely.

We recommend yearly professional testing of hardwired and interconnected smoke alarms systems for complete fire protection.

Fallon Solutions smoke alarm technicians can check, certify, service, and install smoke alarms, as well as replacing faulty smoke alarms and smoke detectors.