10 questions to ask yourself in order to get your home winter-ready

The time has come when we store away our swimmers and pull out the comfy sweaters from the back of the wardrobe. Winter is on its way but while the temperatures are dropping, make sure to keep your head up and check out these 10 helpful tips to prepare your home for the cold season.

1. Are you taking the risk of having no hot water?

One of the most effective ways to get out of bed when it’s cold outside is to start the day with a hot shower. But if your hot water system fails, this usually pleasant routine can turn into a nightmare.

To ensure your hot water system is in good working order throughout the cold season, arrange a pre-winter hot water system check.

2. Have you moved all sensitive plants and non-weather resistant outdoor furniture inside?

As the cooler weather arrives, it’s wise to store pot plants in a warmer spot such as the garage, cubby house or shed. Also remember to bring any outdoor furniture inside that might not be weather resistant.

3. Is your air conditioner ready to heat?

If you have a reverse cycle air conditioner (an air conditioning system that can cool and heat), then this is how to get it ready for winter:

Firstly, check if it’s operating smoothly. In order to help identify any potential issues, ask yourself the following questions;

  • Are there strange smells coming from the system?
  • Is the air conditioner making odd noises?
  • What is the heating/cooling performance like?
  • When was the last time it was serviced and cleaned by a professional air conditioning technician?
  • Do you need an additional air conditioning split system for a particular room or is it time to upgrade to a more energy-efficient unit?

If you’re thinking about getting your air conditioner repaired or replaced, the quiet post-summer season is a perfect time! Not only is it a great time, but when you purchase a Mitsubishi Electric air conditioner before 31 st July 2020, customers have the opportunity to receive a bonus EFTPOS gift card, which Fallon Solutions will match in value!

4. Want to add some warmth to your bathroom?

Get warm with the flick of a switch! Heat lamps are an amazing addition to warm up your bathroom in no time. Contact us to have a lamp fitted by our licensed electricians so you can look forward to a freezing bathroom on winter mornings being a thing of the past!

5. Is your dryer working?

When it’s cold, air-drying clothes can take quite some time that’s why most people use the dryer more during wintertime. But it can be inconvenient when your dryer is not doing its job properly- we all know what it’s like to grab a piece of clothing from the dryer only to find out that it’s still wet! So if you have any issues with your appliance, you can count on us to fix them.

6. What about your oven?

Winter is “comfort food” season – we’re talking steaming pies, fresh pizza and garlic bread and lots of mouth-watering lasagnas. Don’t ruin your perfect family meal by using an oven in poor working order or that doesn’t heat properly.  Call us if you have any concerns with the working order of your oven.

7. Have you thought about outdoor heating?

The evenings and nights spent outside in the backyard don’t have to be over when you’ve got an outdoor heater or perhaps even a warm fireplace set up in your garden. And if you want to give your garden a makeover for winter, check out these wonderful ideas.

8. Do any windows need to be fixed?

Don’t let the cold inside, so if any windows need to be fixed, better get a carpenter to your home who can fix this for you.

9. Not a fan of the cold?

In addition to running a heater, reversing your ceiling fans can also help warm up the room, as the fans push the warm air from the ceiling space down into the room and distribute the warmth throughout the whole space.

10. Ready to snuggle up and binge watch TV?

The cold is not so bad, especially when it means getting comfy on the couch and enjoying some of your favourite movies. But there’s nothing more frustrating than watching your favourite show and the TV reception keeps dropping out. So if you experience issues with your TV connection, don’t worry, because we can help with anything from re-aligning your existing TV antenna or replacing a faulty booster, to a completely new TV antenna installation.

Get started on your winter checklist for your home, so everything is ready and working properly when you need it. If you need help with any of these things, we’re only one call away; 1300 712 028.