5 Indoor home projects for rainy days

Remember the last time you contemplated working on a home project but then thought “I’ll just save it for a rainy day”?

Well, the rainy days are well and truly here, so throw on a motivational playlist and make yourself a cuppa or some coffee, because it’s time to get started on these fun indoor home projects!

1. Switch it up

Enough with the boring light switches! If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to modernise your home, why not switch it up a little by replacing your old light switches with stylish skins from Clipsal?

Once the electrician has installed the grid plates, you can change the skins yourself by simply clipping them on. You can choose from plenty of different styles ranging from vivid white to silver shadow or bold anthracite – there are so many options!

2. Give your chest of drawers a fresh coat of paint

Painting your chest of drawers is an easy DIY project that you can tackle indoors, as long as you remember to lay out a drop cloth, so the paint won’t splash everywhere!

This is how you do it:

Remove all drawers, give it a good clean, take off the handles and start sanding the surface, so the paint will last longer. Then apply some primer and once it’s all dry, it’s time to start painting! Consider replacing the handles to give your chest of drawers even more of a new look.

3. Update your bathroom with new fixtures

Little things can make a big difference. Your bathroom fixtures and accessories can have a surprising impact on the appeal of the whole room.

Think about things you might want to add to the bathroom, like an extra light fitting or a towel rail (pro tip: you will thank yourself for installing a heated towel rail when it gets colder).

There may also be some fixtures you want to replace like the tapware or the showerhead. If you’re only looking for a minimal change, then how about bringing in some bathroom plants for a tropical look?

4. Create a chalkboard wall

Want to stay on top of your to-do list? Write it on the wall. Planning your meals for the week? Grab some chalk and note them down. Want to remind your kids of household chores? You guessed it! Jot it down. A chalkboard isn’t only handy to have to remember tasks, kids can also use it as an artboard.

Pick a space in your kitchen, living room or in your kid’s room and get a medium-density fibreboard of a size you like. Then simply grab a foam roller and cover the board with a thick layer of chalkboard paint and mount it to the wall once it’s dry.

5. Look after your appliances

Cleaning appliances is a chore that’s definitely less fun, but while the weather is not very inviting, we might as well get it done, so we don’t have to worry about it on another day. It’s worth adding the following tasks to your list:

  • Clean the dryer vents to get rid of any dryer lint that accumulated over time
  • Defrost your freezer
  • Give your ceiling fans a wipe down
  • Clean the dishwashing filter and run a cycle with a dishwashing cleaner to wash away any grease and grime

If any of your appliances aren’t working as they’re supposed to, call in an expert who will get this fixed for you. Our friendly appliance repair technicians are always happy to help out!