Carbon Tax Australia – Household Costs

Much of the effect of the Australian Carbon Tax is yet to be felt by homes and business across Australia. However some immediate ramifications are already known. Electricity will increase in price (between 2% to 19%), having far reaching effects through every facet of our lives. Refrigeration gas and LPG gas (non vehicle use) will rise in price. Although not an immediate cost, water charges will also rise due to high electricity use in processing and providing the service.

These are just a couple of ways the carbon tax will directly affect our daily lives, but many more will emerge. Like it or loath it we cannot ignore the tax and hope someone will take it away before we have to deal with it. So how can we keep our costs as low as possible?

Electricity Savings

  •  Turn it off at the power point if you are not using it. Stand-by mode uses power all day, every day.
  •  Limit the use of your air-conditioner, ensure it is serviced regularly and is working as efficiently as possible.
  •  Install a solar hot water system or heat pump.
  •  Limit the use of the clothes dryer. Savings can be made by part drying your clothes on the clothes rack or line even on damp days.
  •  Wash clothes in cold water.
  •  Do you really need that second fridge all the time? Could you do with out it all together?
  •  Convert all of your lights to energy efficient bulbs.

Gas Savings

  •  Service all your gas burning appliances regularly to avoid wastage though leaks.
  •  Refilling smaller gas bottles is usually cheaper than swapping cylinders.
  •  Ask your air-conditioning technician if there is a cheaper product that can be used to gas your air-conditioner.

Water Savings

  •  Fix leaking taps and toilets as soon as possible.
  •  Minimise your time in the shower.
  •  Maximise use of tank water where possible.
  •  Only run the dishwasher when it is full.
  •  Install a water efficient shower head and tap fittings.
  •  Avoid running the washing machine for part loads.

All of these tips are common sense and most only need small adjustments to your day to day routine to implement but all will help keep your living costs as low as possible.

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