Did you know your sense of smell goes to sleep when you do?

This is why smoke alarms can save lives. Smoke alarms are devices that can detect smoke and set off an inbuilt alarm system. Smoke alarms give you time to get out of the house during a fire, by waking you up or alerting you to the danger.

When there is a fire and you are asleep- toxic fumes can kill you before you actually wake up. Smoke alarms can save lives.

A report outlined on the Qld fire and rescue services website indicates that the risk of death in a house fire is reduced by more than half if a maintained smoke alarm is installed.

Fires damage property and can destroy an entire house in minutes- being alerted to a fire in its early stages can help you minimise the damage that the fire causes.

What types of smoke alarms are there?

It is important when you buy a smoke alarm you are getting the right alarm for the right location to avoid false alarms- it also means that it will not get disabled by the house occupants if it is installed and operating correctly.

Let’s have a look at the two different types of smoke alarms:

  • 240 Volt Smoke Alarms (known also as hard-wired smoke alarms)

A 240-volt smoke alarm is connected to a home’s electrical system and has a battery backup power supply.

  • 9 Volt Smoke Alarms (Also called battery-operated smoke alarms)

A 9-volt smoke alarm is stand alone and operated only by a battery.

Generally, hard-wired smoke alarms are more reliable as they run off the homes electricity circuit and will not require the regular replacement of batteries. A number of properties fitted with smoke alarm devices remain unprotected due to flat or missing batteries.

There are generally two kinds of smoke alarms:

  • Ionisation Smoke Alarms- These alarms “smell” the smoke in the air. ie burning toast.
  • Photoelectric Smoke Alarms (also known as optical)- These ‘see’ the smoke (optical). – ie cigarette smoke.

Installing smoke alarms

Smoke alarms can either be stand-alone or the smoke alarms can be interconnected. When a smoke alarm is interconnected, the alarms will all sound at once if one of the individual smoke alarm units is activated by smoke. An interconnected alarm maximises the opportunity to hear the alarm and this means that the occupants of a house can escape faster or prevent further damage occurring faster.

Children sleep more soundly than adults so it is recommended to place fire alarms in or at the entrance to their bedrooms.

Hard wired smoke alarms can be installed by Fallon Services qualified team of electricians.

Are smoke alarms compulsory?

Smoke alarms are compulsory in all homes in Queensland.

Other Smoke Alarm Options:

  • Alarms suited to deaf and hearing-impaired
  • Alarms that feature emergency lights
  • Smoke Alarms specifically designed for kitchens and caravans
  • Inter-connectable models that sound alarms in all connected units

Confused about what smoke alarm is best for your property?

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