Fake electrician prompts license check reminder from electrical safety authorities

Dodgy, unlicensed electrical work prompts warnings from Electrical Safety authorities to check your electrician or electrical contractor’s license whenever you get electrical work done in or around your home or business.

The recent $100,000 fine for an individual who advertised electrical services on the website Airtasker and carried out defective and dangerous electrical work throughout Brisbane has highlighted the need for residents to be vigilant.

The ‘fake electrician’ performed electrical work across Brisbane suburbs including Thornlands, Manly West, Greenslopes, Camp Hill, Narangba, and West End between November 2015 and June 2017.

The alarm was raised when a licenced electrician reported the non-compliant, unsound work which was discovered at a home where the ‘fake electrician’ had earlier carried out work. Luckily the faulty electrical systems had not caused injury, however, the risk was enormous for those living or working in the homes this ‘fake electrician’ had worked in.

Residents are reminded that even though the fine for the ‘fake tradie’ was substantial he will not be the only one paying out far more than expected. Repairs to fix up unlicensed and faulty electrical work can mean you’re paying twice for the same job, probably more the second time around.

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Plus many home insurance companies will be less likely to cover damages, fire, or injury caused by unlicensed, uninsured work carried out by unqualified tradespeople. (Actually, they’ll probably jump at the chance to decline a claim.)

The takeaway lesson from this incident is that an electrician who seems cheap, possibly because they have not had to pay for things like industry training, licensing, and insurance, can end up costing you more in the long run and possibly void your home insurance.

Please don’t risk the safety of your family by using an unlicensed electrician.

Check your electrician’s license

Customers in Queensland can, and should, check the licence of their electrician at worksafe.qld.gov.au.

If you find or suspect that an electrician who has carried out work on your home doesn’t have a current licence you can report unlicensed work to the Electrical Safety Office on 1300 362 128.

Helpful electrical tip – just in case you are wondering what type of electrical work unlicensed people can carry out in your home here’s a list – change a light bulb, plug appliances in, test the safety switch. Here’s what you need to call a licenced electrician for – everything else.