Sparkies advise investing in home batteries to escape blackouts

Australians are keen solar power adopters, and Queenslanders top the country at 42.7% of dwellings with a solar system. Since mid-2019 Australia has doubled its number of solar PV installations in homes and businesses.

Why this is the case, authorities are not sure. It could be our abundance of sunshine and the fact that Australia has the highest solar radiation per square metre of any continent in the world, that we’re a nation committed to using green renewable energy, or simply that the opportunity to connect to a source of free power and government rebates means that adding solar is a no-brainer decision.

It would seem that being stuck at home during lockdowns or restrictions in the last few years has led many households to reassess their power use and consider green energy options. This move is great for the environment and sustainable power generation, as well as individual home energy expenses.

However, more recently, the threat of regular blackouts from a struggling electricity grid has seen many homeowners taking the next step. Adding solar batteries to the solar power system offers a viable option to provide homes with a reliable source of electricity during periods of power loss.

With the range of solar batteries ever-expanding, Australians have more opportunities than ever before to add battery storage to their home solar power systems. Read on to find out the great benefits of installing solar batteries.

Benefits of solar batteries

Future proof your home energy system

As we become more aware of the importance of sustainability, many of us are looking for ways to make our homes more energy efficient. One way to do this is to install a future-proof home solar energy system.

A future-proof home energy system is one that can be easily adapted as new technologies become available. For example, if you install solar panels today, you should ensure the system has the functionality to be able to add battery storage in the future.

Future-proofing your home energy system will not only save you money in the long run, but it will also help reduce your carbon footprint.

BYD solar battery
Scalable BYD solar battery


Backup power – reliable power & grid independence

The backup power functionality is not always included in battery & solar systems so it’s essential to speak to your solar installer to ensure your system is designed with this feature. In most solar systems when the mains power supply cuts, so does the power supply from your panels or battery. This is a built-in feature for the safety of anyone working on the grid to restore the supply.

Having a battery backup power supply means that you can keep your home running even when the grid is down. This is extremely beneficial for those who live in areas that are prone to blackouts or need a reliable power supply for work or medical equipment.

A backup power supply will also mean that you are less reliant on the grid, making your home more energy independent.

Solar installer with solar panel

Reduce your electricity bills

Solar batteries can help you to reduce your electricity bills by allowing you to use the energy generated during the day at night when electricity rates are typically higher. By storing energy during the day and using it at night, you can avoid paying expensive peak tariff electricity rates.

A solar system with battery storage can help you reduce your power bills by 60-90%*.

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Truly green electric vehicles

Unless you are charging your electric vehicle during the day when the solar power system is generating power, you’re probably charging it with coal-generated electricity, reducing its environmental benefits.

By adding a solar battery to your existing solar PV system or incorporating it into your new solar power setup you can charge your EV using green energy.

Make sure your installer knows exactly how you would like to utilise your battery system – power after the sun goes down, backup power during a blackout, or an off-grid power supply. If you’re keen to reap the benefits of solar batteries speak to a solar specialist at Fallon Solutions today.

How does a solar battery work?

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*actual savings will vary, estimate only.