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Is your smoke alarm a photoelectric type?

For early warning signs and fewer nuisance alarms replace your smoke alarm to a photoelectric type!

Did you know that a Photoelectric is a type of Smoke Alarm is not a brand?

Why replace your smoke detector with this style of smoke alarm?

  • Gives earlier warning signs of slow burning fires
  • With earlier warning signs there is more time to escape the fire
  • Can detect all kinds of fires
  • Do not contain radioactive material

How do I know if my existing smoke alarm is Photoelectric?

This type of smoke alarm DOES look like your standard smoke alarm, however, you can tell it is a photoelectric smoke alarm if it DOES NOT have a radiation symbol on it.

If your smoke alarm carries a radiation symbol it is an ionisation style and should be replaced as soon as possible.

How long will a smoke alarm last?

In general smoke alarms will last around ten years. Many smoke alarms carry expiry dates so it is recommended that you check the date and know when to replace it. If your smoke alarm does not carry an expiry date then replace it to be sure.

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Did you know smoke alarms are the LAW?

Every home must have smoke alarms installed. Below is an overview of smoke alarms:

  • Smoke Alarms are powered by either your home’s 240 volt supply or a 9 volt battery
  • Homes built after 1997 must have a 240 volt hardwired alarm installed and a backup battery
  • Homes built prior to 1997 must have at least one 9 volt battery powered alarm installed on each level.

What do I do now?

If your smoke alarms are hardwired then you can contact your local Fallon Services electrician to install the new photoelectric type of smoke alarm. If you do not have a smoke alarm installed you are putting your life at risk and you should contact Fallon Services to install your new smoke alarms today!

Fallon Solutions are master electricians and the best in business when it comes to all of your home smoke alarm safety requirements. Our trained technicians can provide advice on where to install the alarms so that you have peace of mind knowing you and your family have every chance of escape during a fire.

Research by the Australasian Fire and Emergency Service Authorities Council (AFAC)

indicates that photoelectric smoke alarms (also known as photo-optical smoke alarms) provide the best detection across a range of fires!