Kerryn’s Story: A Tragic Reminder of the Importance of Electrical Safety

Kerryn’s story | Electrical Safety Office

At Fallon Solutions, we understand the paramount importance of electrical safety. It’s not just a part of our job; it’s a commitment to ensuring the well-being of our community. Today, we want to share a story that highlights why electrical safety matters more than ever.

Kerryn’s Unforgettable Tragedy

The bereaved family of a young woman who died as a result of a faulty electrical product are sharing their story in the hope that it will serve as a warning to electrical workers who provide electrical goods as part of their work.

Imagine being in your own backyard, carrying out everyday tasks, and then suddenly facing a life-threatening electrical hazard. This heartbreaking scenario became a harsh reality for Kerryn O’Connor, a vibrant 35-year-old living in Townsville.

Kerryn was electrocuted while using a submersible water pump in her backyard. A seemingly routine chore turned into a fatal accident, all because the pump she was using didn’t meet Australian standards. An internal fault, hidden from plain sight, caused the pump’s metal casing to become electrified, leading to Kerryn’s tragic demise.

The family’s message to our community is crystal clear: When you purchase any electrical equipment, whether it’s a toaster, heater, or washing machine, look for the Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM) on the product or its packaging. This mark signifies that the product meets Australian safety standards, helping ensure your safety and peace of mind.


The Crucial Role of Safety Switches

Kerryn’s family also underscores the critical role of safety switches in every electrical circuit. As they put it, ”It just would have meant the difference between Kerryn being with us and not being with us.” Safety switches are designed to disconnect the electricity source when a fault is detected, effectively safeguarding you from electric shocks or worse.

Responsibility of Suppliers and Importers

The tragic incident involving Kerryn’s submersible water pump also serves as a reminder to those involved in the supply chain of electrical equipment. Suppliers and importers must ensure that the equipment they provide is electrically safe.

In the case of Kerryn’s pump, the supplier faced consequences, including fines and a recorded conviction against the company. Additionally, the pump was recalled across Australia at the company’s expense. This incident serves as a sobering lesson for all those who supply electrical equipment: safety must never be compromised.

Our Commitment to Electrical Safety

At Fallon Solutions, we are licensed electrical experts who prioritise safety above all else. We stand by the importance of adhering to Australian safety standards and ensuring that every electrical installation or equipment we provide is safe for use.

Kerryn’s story is a heartbreaking reminder of what’s at stake when electrical safety is overlooked. It’s a reminder of our responsibility as electrical professionals and consumers to always prioritise safety. Let’s honour Kerryn’s memory by staying vigilant and committed to electrical safety in our homes and workplaces.

Make sure to share this story with friends, family, colleagues, and clients. Together, we can raise awareness about the critical importance of electrical safety and work towards a safer, more responsible future.