Maintenance of Hot Water Systems

No or not enough hot water, water dripping and puddling, your water heater makes strange gurgling noises or the water coming out of your tap is way too hot? Most of these troubles can be prevented by getting your Hot Water System maintained regularly. But according to an investigation by the QBCC and Queensland Health, most homeowners are not aware of how important regular hot water system maintenance really is.

The best thing you can do when getting a new hot water system installed is to discuss a maintenance schedule with your plumber. If your system was installed years ago and you can’t remember the last time it was serviced, you might want to hire a licensed plumber for a professional inspection of your hot water system. They will ensure your system is safe by checking its components including the anode inside your hot water tank and the taps and hoses to make sure nothing causes damage. They will also check the water pressure and the temperature pressure relief valve to maintain proper functioning and avoid the risk of scalds.

If you have any further questions or require a plumber give us a call. We service all brands of the following hot water systems: