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Urgent need for safety switches in every home

Master Electricians Australia and the Queensland State Coroner are recommending legislatio...
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New LED lifetime mesurement standards

New standards for the calculation of LED lifetimes provides consumers with a reliable comp...
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Water Heaters and Legionella

The Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland (MPAQ) has issued a statement regardi...
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Under cooling your home this summer may be a health risk

Australian residents risk heat stroke from undercooling their homes this summer. With temp...
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New Plumbing Laws – Notifiable Work

New plumbing laws will come into effect in Queensland on 1 November 2012 changing the amou...
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We are proud to add A Approved Air to our team

Neil T Fallon Services (now Fallon Solutions) recently purchased A Approved Air, a special...
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More upgrades to Corbould Park

Fallon Solutions in conjunction with their Sports Lighting division has just completed the...
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New office for Racing Staff

Recently the team at Fallon Solutions & Australian Sports Lighting Solutions have assi...
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Saxon Closes its doors

The board of Peter Sachs Industries Pty Ltd ( Saxon ) has recently announced that the co...
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