Replace your electric hot water system with Gas Hot Water

The average Brisbane house hold uses around 38% percent of their energy bill on heating water. It is also the largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. To reduce the carbon footprint of homes in Australia, the electric hot water systems is being phased out and replaced with more energy efficient models. Electric Hot water systems can generally be found in homes that were built before 2006.

Since 2010 the property owners that have needed to replace their current electric hot water system and live in a reticulated natural gas area have been required to install energy efficient hot water systems. ( gas solar or heat pumps )

(note. if your system is covered under warranty then you are able to install an electric system)

According to the Qld Government website at this stage the owners of homes that are located outside of a reticulated natural gas area are able to still replace their current system with another electric system. The choice is then with the home owner if they would like to voluntarily upgrade to a more energy efficient system which can provide added benefits like reduced running costs and reduce your carbon footprint.

Benefits of Gas Hot Water:

There are many benefits of a gas hot water system including:

  •  Cheaper to run
  •  Better for the environment
  •  Options for internal or external units and instantaneous or storage units
  •  Great if you are in a natural gas area alternatively large LPG cylinders are available.

So what is a reticulated natural gas area?

This is an area where a gas company will supply gas to the main property boundary connection point. If the property owner would like to be connected to the gas supply they would need to engage Fallon Services Gas Plumbers to carry out the connection. The owner is then responsible for the cost.

Fallon Services Gas Plumbers have been supplying reliable solutions to Brisbane properties for over 40 years. Our team of master plumbers can recommend the right hot water solution for your property.