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Fallon Solutions have been providing much of the South East Queensland region with instant gas hot water solutions for many years. Our team of experienced hot water plumbers can take care of the supply and installation, as well as repairs and servicing, of a wide range of continuous gas hot water units. We will advise you on what size instantaneous gas hot water system is best for you and will carry out the complete installation service.

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How does an instant gas hot water heater work?

Instant gas hot water systems (also called continuous flow or instantaneous) only heat water when it is needed. When the tap is turned on the cold water flows through a heat exchanger device, igniting a gas burner to heat the water. This means as long as there is a regular gas supply you will never run out of hot water again. These systems are particularly useful if you have mains natural gas, as you won’t need to worry about gas cylinders and will benefit from the efficiency and lower running costs.

Important note – the ‘instant’ in instant gas hot water systems refers to the unit instantly heating water when a hot tap is turned on. Not that the hot water is instantly released from the tap. There can still be a delay during which the heated water travels along the pipe from the hot water unit to the tap. This lag can be minimized by positioning the unit as close as possible to the outlet. Speak to our hot water specialists for specific advice on the most effective positioning for your home or business.

Leading brands of continuous gas hot water

Fallon Solutions support all the major continuous hot water system brands including:

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Fallon Solutions is one of the largest installers of gas instantaneous hot water systems in South East Queensland. As a result, we are able to get these at a great price that we can then pass onto our customers.

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