Netball Lighting

Need new netball court lighting installation?

Then you’re in the right place! At Australian Sports Lighting Solutions, we are the netball lighting experts! We understand that clear and bright netball court lighting requires our professional lighting engineers, structural engineers and electrical engineers to get the job done correctly.

Our team will take into account the environment and energy efficiency measures required, in accordance with Australia Standard AS 2560.2:2021 for sports lighting, to create bespoke lighting designs for your netball courts. We provide lighting installation, repairs and ongoing light maintenance to ensure you get the best out of your sports lighting. Contact us today to discuss your netball lighting project on 1300 054 488 or enquire here!

Complete Netball Court Lighting Solutions

There’s a reason we love netball in Australia; it’s a fast paced game, with high speed action in all areas of the court. With this in mind, and with balls being thrown metres in the air, it is imperative that players have adequate lighting to be able to follow the ball and also follow the movements of the other players over the entire court.

It is essential that netball courts have a completely reliable lighting system in order to ensure the optimal performance of players, officials and spectators; making Australian Sports Lighting Solutions the perfect choice to ensure your netball court lighting solutions are of the hightest professional standard.

We understand how important it is to have a strong, bright and reliable lighting install when it comes to ensuring the safety of all players and officials during your netball games as excellent lighting can make the difference between a good game and a great one, not only for the players but also those watching the game.

We only use the highest quality fixtures, components and equipment when it comes to netball lighting and by using market leading technologies such as energy efficient LED lighting during our lighting installations, you can ensure your netball court has an efficient lighting system. With our advanced netball sports lighting knowledge and capabilities, you can also be guaranteed that should you ever experience an issue with your netball court lighting, our responsive sports lighting repairs services will ensure the issue is fixed promptly.

When you have an Australian Sports Lighting professional lighting installed, you will be able to see every detail of the action and be confident you will not miss any of the action!

Outdoor Court Lighting by Australian Sports Lighting Solutions

Indoor Netball Courts Lighting & Netball Outdoor Lighting Solutions

Netball stadium light system design must consider aspects such as long-term energy efficiency, easy-to-use operating systems, glare management and spill lighting effects need to be considered. Our sports lighting team will work with your netball club or sporting facility management to ensure successful project completion within your sports lighting requirements and budget.

Whether it’s indoor or outdoor netball courts, the lighting is a critical factor in providing a safe and enjoyable sport environment for players, with proper professional sport’s lighting systems being necessary to comply with regulations for both indoor and outdoor netball courts.

Though the primary focus in netball court lighting is when it comes to providing a level of illumination that guarantees excellent visibility of the court area, whilst ensuring that unwanted glare and light spill are minimised.

Our state of the art, and user friendly, operating systems take into consideration the different areas of the court to provide the required levels of light and to control the lighting with maximum energy efficiency.

LED court lighting

LED lighting offers many advantages in outdoor lighting, including increased energy efficiency, a longer lifespan, reliability, instant full brightness and accurate aiming with reduced glare.

LED sports lights are preferred over metal halides for netball lighting due to their advantages, such as:

  • Lighting can be turned on and off immediately with no delay
  • Up to 50% energy savings
  • LED floodlights require less maintenance due to their longer life
  • Improved lighting control that allows for excellent consistency of lighting and less spill to the surrounding courts
  • Option to dim
Caboolture Netball Court Lighting Project at night