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Australian Sports Lighting Solutions use a qualified lighting designer to undertake the design and lighting layout for your project.  Australian Sports Lighting Solutions has experience with various types of sports lighting so you can have confidence that the lighting design and installation will be compliant to all local council building regulations, will comply to the Australian Code for sports lighting and give you lighting to your grounds that will exceed your expectations and your performance for years to come. Our team of professionals service Greater Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast

The Australian Sports Lighting Solutions team of lighting engineers and Master Electricians always use the latest software and lighting technology to custom design the most cost effective and energy efficient, lighting system for your sports ground project. Let our Sports Lighting experts help you today!

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Below is a list of information that will need to be provided to assist them in the planning process:

Site Layout

We need to know the main dimensions of the grounds & its playing areas, layout of neighbouring properties, proposed spectator areas and sizes, change room locations, carparks, bbq areas or canteens and also any changes in the level of the grounds. Often a site survey & contour survey needs to be carried out to determine the site levels and for pole footing design.

Lighting Budget

What are the current or expected running costs, also include proposed usage weekly.

Types of Sport

What sports are the grounds used for, where are the goal areas, sidelines, and infield areas

Future Plans

Does the club have any ideas on expansions of fields, carparks or clubhouse. This information can affect the size switchboards and controlling systems and if known upfront can save the club money down the track!


What is the budget for maintenance of the lighting equipment, will crane equipment or just ladders be required? What is the environment- proximately to breaking surf, extreme temperatures or dust nearby?


We require information of the colours of the finished surfaces, i.e. tennis courts, stadium arenas, or grassed fields to ensure we provide the most effective lighting solutions.

Specialist sports field & outdoor lighting installers

Worried about the safety of your athletes, staff or customers?

Our lighting solutions are designed to make sure athletes can compete and staff and customers can come and go from your business safely, no matter what time of day or night. We take care of every step of the installation process, so you can be confident that your sports field, stadium or commercial property will be well-lit and safe for use.

Let our team help you light up your race track, stadium, tennis court or outdoor space today – we have a wide range of options to choose from, so you can find the perfect solution for your needs. We know how important it is to have safe and well-lit facilities, and we’re here to help you get the best possible results for your athletes, staff, and customers.

Contact Australian Sports Lighting Solutions today for a consultation on our sports lighting installation services today on 1300 054 488.

Lighting installation project management

Specialist lighting installation project management is essential for any successful outdoor lighting venture. Our team of experienced lighting engineers, structural specialists, and electrical engineers are experienced in all aspects of project management, so you can trust that your sports lighting installation will be completed on time and to the highest standards.

Project management covers a wide range of tasks, from planning and scheduling to cost control, risk assessment, resource allocation, and quality assurance. We take the time to understand your needs and expectations so that we can design a lighting system that fits your specific requirements.

Caboolture Netball Court Lighting project


Our team take care of light pole installation, any switchboard upgrades needed, the selection of top quality reliable lighting fixtures and luminaires, as well as providing LED options for energy-efficient lighting systems.

Moreover, our team has access to the latest technology and resources, ensuring that the sports lighting installation process runs smoothly. We use advanced software to help with visualisations of your sports field, stadium or outdoor lighting project, helping you gain a better understanding of what it will look like when it’s fully lit up.

Our project managers and installers ensure that all safety requirements are met during the installations, adhering strictly to Australian standards at all times. Furthermore, we have established relationships with major manufacturers which allows us to get the best quality materials at competitive prices.

Finally, our team also provides ongoing maintenance services for all installed sports lights, ensuring they are kept in optimum condition for years to come. With regular checks and replacements as required, you can be sure that your sports fields remain safe and well-lit for athletes at all times.

Sunshine Coast Stadium lighting project

Energy-efficient floodlighting applications

Australian Sports Lighting Solutions provide floodlight installations for a huge range of applications including:

Your sports & outdoor lighting specialists

Australian Sports Lighting Solutions has an experienced team of electrical engineers who manage and carry out outdoor lighting projects. If your sporting facility, commercial property, or business is looking for an LED lighting installation or upgrade specialist contact our team at 1300 054 488 or complete our LED lighting quote request form today.

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