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Welcome the future of hygiene and convenience by installing a bidet toilet in your home. No more struggles over limited toilet paper supplies or wasting hard-earned dollars—experience the benefits of a bidet and elevate your bathroom routine. However, it’s crucial to be aware of regulatory requirements for installing bidets and smart toilets.

Why Choose Fallon Solutions for Bidet Installation?

Fallon Solutions, with 60 years of experience and over 140 vehicles on the road, is your trusted partner for bidet installation. Our master plumbers and qualified technicians ensure a seamless installation process, providing peace of mind for your plumbing and electrical needs.

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Benefits of bidets?

  1. Improved Hygiene: Experience thorough cleaning for enhanced personal hygiene.
  2. Eco-Friendly: Reduce toilet paper usage, contributing to a more sustainable lifestyle.
  3. Cost Savings: Save money by reducing the need for frequent toilet paper purchases.
  4. Luxurious Addition: Enhance the elegance of your bathroom with a bidet’s modern touch.
  5. Reduced Toilet Issues: Bidets are less likely to cause blockages or clogs.
  6. Ideal for Mobility Issues: Especially suitable for individuals with mobility challenges.

Types of Bidet Installations

  1. Stand Alone Bidet:
    • Traditional separate unit with a water jet.
    • Requires space for both toilet and bidet units.
    • Users must relocate to the bidet after toilet use.
  2. Bidet Toilet Combination:
    • Growing in popularity in Australia.
    • Tidy, compact, and functional design.
    • Combines bidet functions with a regular toilet.
    • Offers various features like temperature control, massage, automatic flush, air drying, LED lights, and more.
  3. Bidet Toilet Seat:
    • Luxury option that fits onto a regular toilet seat.
    • Some models operate without electricity, powered by water pressure.
    • Advanced models with temperature control may require a power supply.
    • Features a wash nozzle for added cleanliness.

Why do I need a qualified plumber to install my bidet toilet?

Whether you’re opting for a stand-alone bidet, a bidet toilet seat, or a bidet toilet combination, the installation process is a job for the professionals. Similar to installing new toilets, this process involves connecting the bidet to the incoming water supply and waste lines.
According to the Plumbing and Drainage Act of 2018, anyone performing plumbing work in Queensland must be licensed by the QBCC. Attempting DIY plumbing is not only illegal but also poses health and safety risks. When Fallon Solutions technicians handle the installation, you receive a compliance certificate, preserving warranties on the product.

Backflow risks and bidets

Backflow is a serious health concern, and licensed plumbers play a crucial role in mitigating this risk during bidet or bidet toilet installations.
Backflow occurs when used and contaminated water flows back into the water supply system, leading to cross-contamination. To prevent this, backflow prevention devices are essential when installing toilets and bidets. Sudden drops in water main pressure outside your property can cause water from your bidet or toilet to drain back into the main water supply, potentially contaminating it with used water.

Backflow Prevention for bidet and bidet toilets

A backflow prevention device is installed to safeguard the water supply by preventing the flow of unsanitary water back into it.
Hazard ratings, determined in line with AS 3500.1, dictate the type of backflow device required for toilets and bidets. Due to their high hazard ratings, toilets and bidet variations must have a Reduced Pressure Zone Device (RPZD) installed by a qualified and licensed plumber. Annual testing ensures the continued effectiveness of the backflow prevention system.

Experience the Ultimate ‘Throne’ in Your Home

Trust your local plumbing experts at Fallon Solutions for professional bidet toilet installations that comply with the required regulations and prioritise your health and safety.

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