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Professional solar inverter installation services

Fallon Solutions solar electricians offer complete solar inverter installation services throughout Brisbane, Logan, Morton Bay, Redlands,  Ipswich, Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast. We utilise top quality, reliable solar inverters from proven leading solar brands including Sungrow and Enphase to ensure we provide a long lasting solution for your solar system . Our team can install inverters for residential or commercial solar power systems, large and small. We are Solar Accreditation Australia (SAA) approved installers and We Can Be There Today! We also provide 24/7 electrical emergency services to the Greater Brisbane and Gold Coast areas. Financing options are also available.

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Quality solar inverter brands

The most vital part of any solar system as all of the power goes through the solar inverter. It’s very important to get this part right as it can affect the efficiency of the whole system. Reliability is the most important feature to look for because these can be the first things to break down, so it’s important to get a good one.

We have done our research and selected only two quality brands to choose from.

Sungrow is a leading PV power company that develops and provides clean energy solutions across the world. Sungrow PV inverters come in a large range of sizes and offer an efficiency of over 99%.

Capture sunlight and turn it to energy to power your home. The revolutionary Enphase IQ Microinverter design provides better performance, reliability, and resilience for each individual panel on your roof.

Both of these inverters are a good option for your solar power system.


Important note

All work on your solar power system, other than to locate, mount and fix in place solar electrical equipment, including PV panels, must be carried out by a licenced electrician.

More information on this here – Solar power systems – what you can and can’t do

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