TV Antenna – reception problems?

Common Antenna Problems

There is nothing more frustrating after a long day at work than sitting down to watch your favourite show only to miss great sections of the story because of poor TV reception. The issue may be as simple as cabling, connection or positioning problems. Lets our expert technicians help you today. Call us on 1300 054 488 or book now!


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Problems with your antenna?

Check your cables

Cable deterioration is a common issue. Check your cables are intact without any wear or breakage to the casing. Include in your inspection the cable connecting your set top box or PVR to your television, the cable from your set top box or PVR to the wall outlet and from the wall outlet to your aerial.

Check your connections

Does the cable connect firmly and without movement at the wall outlet? The plugging in of different televisions over the years could have damaged or loosened this connection.

Antenna positioning

Is your antenna in the correct position to get the best signal? Are there any new buildings or structures in your area that may be interfering with your signal? Have the trees grown up into the signal path? You may only need a slight adjustment made to your antenna position or to increase the height of your TV mast to avoid obstacles.

Antenna upgrade

Is your antenna capable receiving the best signal for your television? Your antenna may need to be upgraded to a model capable of receiving the best picture for your TV.


We can help – Fallon Antenna Services

Fallon Solutions are government endorsed, licensed and qualified TV antenna technicians and can help you with all of these issues and many others that you may be having with your antenna.

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