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Welcome to the world of superior cooling comfort with Hisense air conditioners. As a leading innovator in home climate control, Hisense offers a range of cutting-edge air conditioning solutions designed to provide unparalleled cooling efficiency and reliability. Whether you’re seeking relief from the scorching summer heat or looking to maintain a comfortable indoor environment year-round, Hisense split and multi split air conditioners deliver exceptional performance tailored to meet your needs.

Explore our diverse selection of energy-efficient models, featuring advanced technologies and intuitive controls, to discover the perfect cooling solution for your home or business. Experience the difference with Hisense air conditioners and enjoy a refreshing oasis of coolness whenever you need it most.

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Hisense Air Conditioners

As well as boasting heating and cooling functions, the Hisense V Series Split System Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner features HI-NANO Technology which has the ability to eliminate airborne bacteria and limit the spread of pollutants, such as allergens, moulds, pollens, odours and more. This makes sure that the air you’re breathing is not only optimum temperature, but also fresh and clean. With Wi-Fi connectivity, you can operate the Hisense V Series from absolutely anywhere you have internet connection. Meanwhile, Voice Control Technology and Google Home connectivity allows you to use verbal commands to set modes, adjust temperatures and more. With its 360° full DC inverter technology and an inner air duct and advanced louver fin, the Hisense V Series uses significantly less energy than other air conditioners. This achieves faster cooling and heating rates while also saving on energy costs.

Built-in Air Purification System

HI-NANO technology is a kind of efficient Plasma ions, compared with ordinary plasma that generate ions 0.4~0.6 million/cm3, it can generate Ions 1 million/ cm3, which can effectively eliminate airborne bacteria within two hours of operation as well as the capacity to inhibit pollutants, such as allergens, moulds, pollens, PM 2.5, odours and more. Compared with ordinary plasma, it’s much easier on the environment and allows you to remove pollutants quickly so you can enjoy clean air every day.

Wireless Connectivity for Cool Convenience

With Wi-Fi connectivity you can control the air conditioner through the Hisense ConnectLife app. This allows you to view menus, select modes, and set temperatures from anywhere.

Voice Control for an Easier Life

When the air conditioner is connected to Wi-Fi, you can operate it using voice control through Google Home. This allows you to use verbal commands to set modes, adjust temperatures and more.

High Energy Efficiency

Inverter Technology with Eco Mode Function

By using 360° full DC inverter technology and an inner air duct and advanced louver fin, the unit offers a significant boost in energy efficiency, reducing power consumption.

With the push of a button, you can select Eco Mode which allows you to minimise power consumption, saving up to 30% more energy than older conventional Hisense inverter technology.

Cleans the Air and Cleans Itself

Hisense patented self-clean technology reduces the need for cleaning and maintenance and extends the life of your AC unit, allowing you to enjoy superb air quality for longer. Simply select the function from the remote control and let the unit do the rest.

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