Ducted vs split system air conditioning

Which is better: a ducted or split system air conditioner?

Air conditioning is a crucial part of creating a comfortable living environment for your family all year round, so it is important to know which air conditioner is the best for your home. Ducted and split system air conditioners both have a range of different benefits and are useful for different situations. This article will provide you with all of the information you need when deciding between a ducted or split system aircon.

What is ducted and split system air conditioning?

Ducted air conditioning works by pumping and cooling/heating air (sometimes from outside) with a fan into ducts located in the ceiling or floor of a building. The cooled/heated air is then distributed to all of the connected rooms.

Split system air conditioners have an outdoor unit which is connected to one or more indoor units, which ventilate cooled or heated air around a home.

Pros and cons of ducted air conditioners

Ducted air conditioners are great for cooling multiple rooms or an entire building. The ducts ensure every room is the same temperature or in some newer models, a different temperature can be set for each zone. Ducted systems are ideal for larger homes or commercial buildings. They allow you to turn off the air conditioning for a specific area or multiple rooms when they are not being used, which helps you reduce climate control expenses.

Ducted aircon systems are a larger, more involved, installation project than split systems so take longer to install. However, ducted is a great investment that will make your entire home into a more comfortable living space. Pairing ducted air conditioning with solar power can help keep your running costs to a minimum, especially for homes or businesses that use their ducted systems throughout the day.

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Split system air conditioning benefits

Split system air conditioning is perfect for cooling single rooms or spaces. This type of air conditioner system allows you to have complete control of the temperature in each individual room fitted with a split system aircon.

You can choose to have a single split system or multi-split system air conditioner installed in your home. Single split systems are ideal for single rooms or living areas. Multi-split systems allow users to cool multiple rooms (up to 5 or 6) from the one outdoor unit without installing ducts.

Split system air conditioners have lower installation and running costs than ducted systems for homes and rooms, however, ducted systems do become more cost effective to run for bigger buildings.

Which air conditioning system is right for my home?

The right system will depend on the number of rooms you wish to cool/heat, size of the rooms/spaces, the number of people who use the rooms/spaces, and how often you wish to use the air conditioning. It is beneficial to consult with an air conditioning specialist before purchasing an air conditioner to be installed, to get some expert advice.

Ducted and split system specialists

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