Gas Bayonet Installations

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Having a gas bayonet connection installed means that you can easily plug in a heater or barbecue, and just as easily unplug it. This means that you can power your heater or barbecue off the reticulated natural gas supply. Get Fallon Solutions to install a gas bayonet connection in your property so you can sit under the warmth of a gas heater in winter and say goodbye to running out of gas halfway though cooking.

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Free-standing gas appliances

Most areas are lucky enough to have reticulated gas supply. This means that if you live in one of those areas, you can take full advantage of the benefits of having a natural gas supply.

Recently, there has been a growth in bayonet installations for free-standing gas appliances. The Fallon Solutions team are qualified to carry out different types of gas supply installations, such as:

Gas Bayonet

Floor bayonet

Fallon Solutions Gas Fitters

Our qualified gas fitters at Fallon Solutions handle home gas installations with over 60 years of local expertise. Upgrade your living space with the convenience of gas bayonet installations by a qualified Fallon Solutions gas fitter. Easily connect and disconnect heaters, barbecues, and more to access the efficient power of reticulated natural gas. Say goodbye to running out of gas halfway through cooking or enduring winter without the warmth of a gas heater.

Types of Bayonet Fittings

Fallon Solutions offers different bayonet fittings, and our gas fitters can help you choose the right one for your appliance. Always remember that all work on your gas equipment should be carried out by a licensed, qualified gas fitter.

Experience the Benefits of Modern Gas Appliances

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