What is a gas compliance certificate?

Ever wondered what a gas compliance certificate is and when you need one? A gas compliance certificate simply acknowledges you have gas and gas appliances installed and supplied to your premises by a qualified licenced gas fitter, and that the gas work that is completed is safe and complies with relevant QLD standards.

Who provides gas compliance certificates?

Gas compliance certificates can only be supplied by qualified and certified gas fitters. Upon completing any gas install, modification or extension to an existing gas service or new gas installation, a certificate will be issued. Certificates are usually issued within 30 days of completing certification.

Gas Compliance - Gas Stove

Why do you need a Gas Compliance Certificate?

You cannot be supplied with gas, new gas installations or any type of gas fitting without a gas compliance certificate which basically states it is safe to supply gas to your premises.

You will need to request a gas certificate when:

  • Gas is connected to your building for the first time
  • You’re getting gas reconnected at your building
  • The installation of a new gas pipe – for example gas hot water or a gas bayonet for outdoors areas which feed into a BBQ
  • Installing new gas appliances – hot water system, stove, cooktop, fireplace, oven
  • You’re replacing an existing gas appliance

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What are Gas Defect Notices?

  • A defect notice is issued when a licenced gas fitter has any concerns that your gas infrastructure may not comply with all relevant safety requirements.
  • Any sort of imminent risk to life and/or property if action is not immediately taken.

What if I have an issue with gas compliance?

In the instance where a gas certificate assessment fails, the customer is notified of the defects and is offered a quote to repair the issues in order to become compliant. Gas fitters such as Fallon Industries will take appropriate measures to minimise the risk and allow you to become compliant.

What are Gas Compliance Plates?

On the completion of a gas installation, the owner is given an original copy of a gas compliance certificate. Unlike these certificates, gas plates are engraved with a mechanical stamp with information including:

  • The Gas Work Licence Number of the installer
  • Date of the install
  • The reference number of the gas compliance certificate
  • The type of gas devices connected each indicated with a device code

Plates are usually found on the interior surface of the door in your electrical meter box.

Gas system compliance certificates in QLD

A compliance certification can vary by state and in Queensland, regulators and gas fitters must follow the Gas work licences and authorisations as laid out by the Legislative obligations and safety requirements for the petroleum and gas industry in Queensland

Obligations relating to safety and health in the petroleum and gas industry are detailed in:

In Queensland, the current Australian standard for gas fitting in domestic, commercial and industrial situations is ‘AS/NZS5601.1:2010 Gas installations, Part 1 General installations’.

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