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Handy Hints Videos

Handy Hints Ep 4

Handy Hints Episode 4: Unveiling the Earth Electrode, Your Home’s Safety Guardian

Meet the earth electrode! Crafted from materials like copper, this unassuming device redir...
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Handy Hints Ep2

Handy Hints Episode 2: Do you know what the best hot water temperature settings are?

🚰 To comply with Australian Standards (AS3500) and ensure hot water temperature regulat...
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How to protect your home from an electrical surge

What are electrical surges, what can they do to my appliances & how do I make sure my ...
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Electrical safety – which switch does what?

Understanding each function of the different electrical switches in your switchboard can b...
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Keeping safe when the power goes out

Our friends from Energex put together a helpful video as a reminder of how to keep safe wh...
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