Handy Hints Ep 4

Handy Hints Episode 4: Unveiling the Earth Electrode, Your Home’s Safety Guardian

Meet the earth electrode! Crafted from materials like copper, this unassuming device redirects excess electricity, preventing mishaps and shocks. It’s often within 3-4 meters of your switchboard and features a green or green and yellow wire. If your home was built before 1980, there’s a chance that it was not built using earthing electrodes in the electrical system design.

Faulty wiring? Appliances acting up? The earth electrode steps in, guiding the electric current safely away. It’s your home’s safety valve!

Did you know? It’s also a linchpin for your safety switch, which shields us from electric shocks. So, if it’s not connected right, the switch might not save the day. ⚠️

If you notice anything unusual with the earth electrode in your home, call your local Fallon Solutions electrician.