Handy Hints Ep2

Handy Hints Episode 2: Do you know what the best hot water temperature settings are?

🚰 To comply with Australian Standards (AS3500) and ensure hot water temperature regulation, a tempering valve is a MUST-HAVE for all hot water systems in QLD. This smart valve is installed on the water pipe to regulate the temperature of hot water in personal hygiene areas, such as bathrooms, keeping it at a safe level to prevent scalding. 🌡️💧

Key Points to Remember:
🦠Hot water stored in your hot water system must be maintained at a minimum temperature of 60°C to prevent bacterial growth like Legionella.
🚿A tempering valve should be installed in your home to ensure a safe hot water temperature at all times, reducing the risk of scalding injuries.
🧼The water coming out of faucets in areas used for personal hygiene should not exceed 50°C, thanks to the tempering valve’s clever mixing of hot and cold water.

Stay informed and protect your loved ones with this essential hot water upgrade! Don’t miss out on our Handy Hints series to keep your home safe and comfortable.