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Winter Heater Operational Tips

With winter just around the corner, it is important that your check your heater before you...
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Rocklea School Post Flood Recovery

Fallon Solutions helps Q Build repair Rocklea State School after 2011 FloodsAfter the terr...
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Night Racing Spectacular Under Lights

Thursday 15 April 2010 welcomed Night Racing at the TOTE Racing Centre in Launceston. The ...
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Lights pass first test for Tasracing

Thoroughbred chief steward Wade Hadley has given the first test of the lighting system at ...
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Why light bulbs burn out too fast

You could be forgiven for thinking the claim that CFL bulbs last on average 8000 hours is ...
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8 expert tips to help choose the perfect ceiling fan

The right ceiling fan choice could make or break a room. To help you make the best decisio...
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New QLD smoke alarm legislation

Interconnected photoelectric smoke alarm systems are to become a requirement in Queensland...
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Troubleshooting 5 typical dishwasher problems

Having problems with your dishwasher can put a serious strain on your routine. Dealing wit...
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Top 10 Aussie travel destinations and the electrical outlets used

Modern travellers carry with them more electronic gadgets than ever before. Even the most ...
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