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Handy Hints Videos

Handy Hints Ep 6

Handy Hints Episode 6: Don’t let your fridge secretly waste your energy and money!

Your fridge produces cold air to keep the contents cool, and it’s the fridge door se...
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Handy Hints Ep 4

Handy Hints Episode 4: Unveiling the Earth Electrode, Your Home’s Safety Guardian

Meet the earth electrode! Crafted from materials like copper, this unassuming device redir...
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What makes a Hunter Pacific ceiling fan a great choice for outdoor areas?

Choosing a ceiling fan can be tricky, as there are lots of different brands and models to ...
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Is your switchboard due for an upgrade?

When more electrical appliances are added to an electric circuit, a switchboard upgrade ma...
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There’s no such thing as a safe shock

In WorkSafe Queensland’s video doctor Chris Andrews discusses the effects of electri...
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Testing your safety switch – Work Safe Queensland

Your safety switches protect you and your family from electric shocks by turning off the e...
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Simple ways you can save energy around your home

Is your electricity bill growing? Fallon electrician Joel will take you through some simpl...
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The most energy efficient way to heat your home

What is the most energy-efficient way to heat your home? Let Av take you through some of t...
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