Handy Hints Ep 6

Handy Hints Episode 6: Don’t let your fridge secretly waste your energy and money!

Your fridge produces cold air to keep the contents cool, and it’s the fridge door seals that play a crucial role in holding that cold air inside. If these seals are worn, damaged, or mouldy, the cold air escapes, causing your food to perish more quickly and making your fridge work overtime. That extra strain can also drive up your electricity bill. 😓

At Fallon Solutions, we’re here to help you save energy and costs. Beyond fridge tips, we offer a comprehensive home energy audit. Here’s what you can expect:
🔎 We’ll identify inefficient, aged, or faulty appliances.
💡 Our experienced electrician will assess energy waste in your household.
🌟 We’ll optimise methods and times to save energy.
🔌 Discover high-energy-consuming appliances.
👀 Find appliances in standby mode wasting energy.

Contact us today and let’s make your home more energy-efficient! 💡