What makes a Hunter Pacific ceiling fan a great choice for outdoor areas?

Choosing a ceiling fan can be tricky, as there are lots of different brands and models to choose from. Our electrician Morris explains to homeowner Mick why a Hunter Pacific ceiling fan is a great choice to install in an outdoor space.

What makes a Hunter Pacific ceiling fan a great choice for outdoor areas? – video transcript

[0:03] Mick
Oh, that’s a good breeze.

[0:05] Morris
Yeah, a bit hot today Mick so we’ve just turned the fan on to cool the area down a little bit.

[0:08] Mick
A great idea in a place like Queensland. So why is this the right thing for this environment?

[0:13] Morris
So, Mick, the fan we’ve chosen is a Hunter Pacific Aqua DC fan. It’s the world’s first IP66-rated fan.

[0:21] Mick
IP66-rated, what does that mean?

[0:22] Morris
So IP66 is ingress protection. Basically, it’s completely dustproof and also protects against high-pressure water jets so you can get in there and clean it properly.

[0:31] Mick
Really good for coastal locations in an outdoor deck area like this one.

[0:35] Morris
Yeah so close to the beach that’s particularly ideal.

[0:38] Mick
So I used to have a fan that had two speeds, stir the air and just high speed. How many speeds does this one have?

[0:43] Morris
This one’s got six speeds here, Mick. All controlled via the remote control so you don’t have to get up and change at the wall like you used to.

[0:49] Mick
Yeah, yeah absolutely. And are there any other features that you would recommend about this particular (ceiling) fan?

[0:54] Morris
Yep, so the Aqua fan has its timer setting as well, one, two or four hour settings. So basically hit that after that say one hour period it’ll automatically turn itself off.

[1:03] Mick
That’s a good feature, I’m always leaving my outdoor fan on at night.

[1:05] Morris
This would be good for you then. There mate.

[1:08] Mick
Thanks, cheers.