Simple ways you can save energy around your home

Is your electricity bill growing? Fallon electrician Joel will take you through some simple ways to save power throughout your home to keep those electricity bills as low as possible.

Simple ways you can save energy around your home – video transcript

Lee: So Joel this house’s electrical bills have skyrocketed is there any way in which they can reduce that?

Joel: Lee there is lots of ways in which we can reduce that, to find out how let’s jump upstairs and have a look.

Lee: Okay let’s get upstairs. So Joel what about these everyday appliances surely there’s money to be saved here.

Joel: Of course so we’ll start with a kettle we need to make sure that we’re not overfilling the kettle. We’re only putting the amount of water in there that we need for our cup of tea or coffee. This will keep our energy efficiency up as high as it can be in using this appliance. Secondly, we go to the aircon, in the summertime try and keep it set around 24 degrees every degree lower than that means 5% more power usage when that appliance is on.

Lee: Wow

Joel: So up next we need to look at how we’re using our hot water. We need to try and limit our showers to a period of four minutes this will ensure we’re not heating excess hot water.

Lee: And what about lighting?

Joel: Halogen lighting can be a massive killer of power bills the best thing to do here is do an LED upgrade and we can save up to $25 per year per light.

Lee: 25 bucks that adds up doesn’t it? So Joel this still looks very very easy for this family to implement is there anything else I can do to help reduce that bill?

Joel: Lee the next step for this family would be to upgrade their electrical system so it’s more energy efficient overall and that’s definitely something we can look at.

Published: August 06, 2018 Last Updated: October 24, 2022