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Handy Hints Ep 3

Handy Hints Episode 3: Don’t Risk a Freezing Shower This Winter!

Did you know about the certain periodical checks that your hot water system requires to ma...
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Handy Hints Ep2

Handy Hints Episode 2: Do you know what the best hot water temperature settings are?

🚰 To comply with Australian Standards (AS3500) and ensure hot water temperature regulat...
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Everything you need to know about a water efficiency certificate

What is a water efficiency certificate? Making sure your home is as water efficient as pos...
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Understanding the function of your hot water valves

From preventing scalding and burns to releasing pressure in the tank; hot water valves can...
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Hot water system installation – things to consider

This video covers why you should consider replacing your hot water system and why Fallon S...
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The Benefits of an Instantaneous Hot Water System

This video explores the difference between traditional tank hot water systems and the rise...
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