The Benefits of an Instantaneous Hot Water System

This video explores the difference between traditional tank hot water systems and the rise in popularity of instantaneous, or ‘tankless’ hot water systems. How to get hot water on tap every time you need it.

Lee speaks to Fallon Solutions’ hot water plumber Lachie about the advantages of instant hot water systems.

The benefits of instantaneous hot water systems – video transcript

Lee: Instantaneous hot water systems are growing in popularity throughout Queensland homes, Lachie why is this so?

Lachie: Well Lee there are several reasons why. Number one is they’re a much smaller unit and have a much smaller carbon footprint. Number two they require little to no maintenance whatsoever and number three they’re up to 25 per cent more efficient.

Lee: So how exactly do they work?

Lachie: When you turn on a hot water tap cold water is drawn into the unit. The unit then automatically senses the flow and ignites the burner. As the water flows through the heat exchange its temperature rises to a preset level, then exits out the bottom of the unit towards the tap.

Lee: So Lachie it only heats the hot water that’s being used?

Lachie: That’s correct Lee, and that’s been the main reason behind their rise in popularity. A modern instantaneous hot water system has about a six to seven-star rating whereas the tank heater has about a four to five.

Lee: And how would a family know if an instantaneous hot water system is right for them?

Lachie: Well you’d have to consider the peak usage, how many showers will be running at once, how far the unit is away from the actual outlet. But the best way to consider this it’d be to talk to a licensed plumber.

Lee: Right thanks, mate.

Lachie: Thank you.

Published: August 06, 2018 Last Updated: October 24, 2022