Hot water system installation – things to consider

This video covers why you should consider replacing your hot water system and why Fallon Solutions recommends Rheem hot water systems.

Our plumber Josh talks to homeowner Mick about signs that indicate it might be time to have the hot water system replaced and what kind of benefits you can expect from a stainless steel Rheem Stellar hot water system.

[0:04] Mick
So, I’m here with Josh from Fallon Solutions because we replaced this whole hot water system with a brand new Rheem Stellar 315 hot water system. So while replacing this unit what’s wrong with it?

[0:15] Josh
So this unit here was sufficient for the couple that lived in this house previously but now that there’s four people moving into the home and using the hot water on a daily basis we’re going to upgrade from 250 litres to 315 litres.

[0:30] Mick
Okay, so that means there’s enough water for everybody.

[0:31] Josh
Yeah, that’s right.

[0:33] Mick
Okay, great. So what are the other signs that you would look for if you’re thinking about replacing or wondering when you should replace hot water systems?

[0:39] Josh
So generally what we look for is any corrosion of the tank, water leaking from the tank valves, rust coming through your taps, possibly even a high energy bill or maybe even strange noises coming from the tank.

[0:53] Mick
All right, okay. And so Fallon Solutions, you know, generally recommend Rheem systems?

[0:58] Josh
Yeah, that’s right.

[1:00] Mick
So why do you recommend Rheem?

[1:02] Josh
So Rheem have been manufacturing hot water systems here in Australia since 1939. That’s over 80 years of manufacturing experience.

[1:08] Mick
So there are generations of Australian families with a Rheem.

[1:11] Josh
Yeah, that’s right.

[1:13] Mick
What’s one of the other benefits of Rheem systems?

[1:14] Josh
So the particular benefit of this system here, the Stella, is its stainless steel tank. So not only is the material of the tank a lot stronger than your standard steel, it also doesn’t require what we call a sacrificial anode.

[1:28] Mick
A sacrificial anode?

[1:30] Josh
That’s right mate, a sacrificial anode. In the standard steel system is a rod which goes down through the centre of the tank to about here. It’s designed to be eaten away by electrolysis, saving the tank material. The problem being, this needs to be replaced every 5 years to maintain that protection of the tank.

[1:50] Mick
Right, so obviously the rods there to protect the rest of the tank but if you don’t change the rod the tank starts to get eaten away.

[1:55] Josh
That’s right.

[1:57] Mick
Oh, gee right.

[1.58] Josh
This one doesn’t need it. It doesn’t need it because it’s a stainless steel so it saves you any maintenance costs.

[2:03] Mick
So how do I know I’m getting the right system for my price?

[2:05] Josh
The best way is to have a licenced plumber come around your house and they’ll have a look at the amount of people that you have in your home as well as the amount of bathrooms and potentially look a the energy efficiency you are looking for.

[2:16] Mick
That’s brilliant Josh, thanks very much.

[2:22] Music

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