Handy Hints Ep 3

Handy Hints Episode 3: Don’t Risk a Freezing Shower This Winter!

Did you know about the certain periodical checks that your hot water system requires to make sure that it’s safe and operating correctly? 🏠✨

⏺️ In this Handy Hints Episode we will discuss how to check the PT or pressure relief valve:
1️⃣ Carefully lift the lever on the PT valve (on the side of your hot water system)
2️⃣ Water should then discharge through the associated drain pipe, and you may hear a slight hissing sound.
3️⃣ If nothing happens, it’s time to call in the experts! A faulty valve can jeopardise your safety!

At Fallon Solutions, we’ve got your back with our $99* Hot Water System Check! Our licensed plumbers will inspect all your valves, ensuring your hot water system functions flawlessly and safely. 🚿💙

*Terms and conditions apply.