Sports Lighting Commissioning and Maintenance

Commissioning ensures that lighting systems are designed, installed, tested, and performing as intended. After installation, we establish strategic aiming points aligned with the lighting design plan by our expert designer. This process guarantees that your lighting equipment functions correctly, enhancing the experience for spectators and athletes at all levels of sport. Like the importance of commissioning maintenance on going is also important.

Proper maintenance is crucial to prevent lighting loss and ensure consistent performance. Regular upkeep of lighting equipment and lamps is essential for maintaining sufficient lighting. We recommend budgeting for ongoing maintenance, scheduling regular checkups, and promptly replacing worn-out lamps. Our team of professionals service Greater Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.

The Australian Sports Lighting Solutions team of lighting engineers and Master Electricians always use the latest software and lighting technology to custom design the most cost effective and energy efficient, lighting system for your sports ground project. Let our Sports Lighting experts help you today!

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What is Commissioning?

“Commissioning is the process of ensuring that the systems are designed, installed, functionally tested, and performing in conformity with the design intent”

Once the new lighting has been installed- we then set up strategic aiming points that match up to the lighting design plan that has been previously carried out by our expert lighting designer.


Once the aiming equipment is in place and fitted we then aim the lighting into the correct direction on the play area and ensure it is tested for accuracy. A final test is run to ensure that the design and lighting match up and that there has been no errors made so that the correct amount of lighting is delivered to the playing areas.

Commissioning is an important part of the lighting process. Carrying out effective commissioning will ensure your lighting equipment is working as it should. So whether your club is for recreational, training, amateur or professional levels of sport your spectators, sportsmen and women will enjoy the performance of your new lighting equipment.

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Sports Lighting Maintenance

FACT: If your lighting is not maintained it will result in the loss of lighting.

The lighting equipment and lamps needs to be regularly maintained to ensure they are working correctly and are delivering sufficient lighting, when you need it most.

To ensure your players and spectators can continually enjoy your new lighting and prevent the waste of light we recommend:

  • Make a provision in your budget to allow for on going maintenance when planning an installation;
  • Schedule regular checkups of your equipment i.e. cleaning schedule;
  • Replace worn out lamps promptly.

When we install a new lighting system for your club we will provide along with the manufacturers guidelines for cleaning; assistance and handy tips on maintaining your equipment to ensure its optimum performance. We also provide maintenance programs so your equipment is kept in good working order.

If you need lighting maintenance carried out to an existing lighting facility we can assist. Give us a call on 1300 054 488 or enquire here; we are only too happy to provide a solution.

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