How to pick the right type of LED downlights

[00:04] Mick
Boris when it comes to choosing LED downlights there are many options, there are endless options. What’s a piece of advice that you would give in to a homeowner who’s thinking about putting them in their home?

[00:12] Morris
Yep, so the first thing you want to do Mick is figure out exactly what you want to do with the space and then from there you can go through and choose the correct light. They come in all different shapes, sizes and light outputs. The ones that we’re installing today are tri-color downlights; which means you can change the color output.

[00:25] Mick
Okay, so what are the color options?

[00:27] Morris
Yep, so we’ve got a warm white, a cool one and a daylight option. All you need to do is just flick this switch on the back of the downlight set it before you put it up and then off you go.

[00:37] Mick
Okay, and so what sort of advice do you give around what color light to choose and what kind of space?

[00:42] Morris
It really just comes down to personal preference. Me, I prefer a warm white in like a bedroom or a lounge room area. Some people might like a cooler white there. Um, areas like your kitchen and your bathroom and laundry would probably deserve a brighter white setting.

[00:55] Mick
Like the daylight one for example?

[00:57] Morris

[00:58] Mick
Okay, and so if I wanted to set a kind of a mood or vibe, are there any other options that I can have?

[01:02] Morris
Yeah, of course, we can always add an led dimmer which will allow you to turn the brightness of the lights right down.

[01:07] Mick
Okay, and so how long do these, what’s the warranty, how long do these last for?

[01:12] Morris
These ones in particular have a five-year warranty, Mick. The average lifespan is about 40 to 50 000 hours. So you can put that ladder right away.

[01:19] Mick
Yeah, it’s going to save you a lot of light bulb changes given that length of time. fantastic so look for lots of options and gives you flexibility moving forward to set the right mood in your home.

[01:26] Morris