Carpentry services that are commonly needed when moving into a new house

When moving into a new property it’s very common that some things such as a loose door handle or a squeaky floorboard need to be fixed. These are carpentry works we can definitely help with – no carpentry job is too big or too small.

Mick speaks to carpenter Dennis about the carpentry jobs he’s done throughout the house to update it for the new owners.

[0:03] Mick
Dennis, um, every new homeowner comes into the property and there’s always a couple of things they probably need to tidy up. Like it’s maybe a squeaky floorboard or a loose door handle or something like that, isn’t it?

[0:11] Dennis
Yeah, that’s correct. There’s always a couple of things to tidy up, even on a new place like this. So yeah, it’s something we can do for the customer.

[0:03] Mick
And you’ve done a few things here this week so far haven’t you?

[0:19] Dennis
Yeah, we have if you want to come inside I can show you what we’ve been up to.

[0:24] Mick
Okay, great let’s do that.
Okay, so Dennis what were you doing in the garage?

[0:29] Dennis
Okay, what we found was some squeaky floors upstairs. So we had a look upstairs and the floors were glued and screwed down so that was the issue. So what we did was come down here, cut a hole in the ceiling and had a look underneath the floor and found that there was some floor joists that were running into a beam through here. Where they were connecting was the movement and it was causing the squeak.
So what we did was stick some blocks in there, re-screwed it all (and) took that movement out and then fixed the squeaker

[1:00] Mick
And then replastered it again like you’ve never been here, just a coat of paint away from here.
Yes, anything else you’re up to while you’re down here?

[1:02] Dennis
While we’re down here we also put some extra shelving here to create a bit of extra storage for you down here.

[1:08] Mick
That’ll keep everything neat and tidy.
Just while you’re here I’ll throw a few shelves in as well.
That’s right, good on you mate. And is there something else that you wanted to show me today?

[1:17] Dennis
Yeah, let’s go, I’ll show you upstairs okay?
What we did here was we wanted to install an AC unit, the only issue was there’s a bathroom on the other side so we couldn’t get the pipes to be in it. So what we had to do was open this wall up, run the pipes down here across the floor, and down outside to get to the outdoor unit.

[1.33] Mick
He ripped off the plasterboard, ran the pipe, replaced the plasterboard, and repainted it so it’s like brand new again.

[1:40] Dennis

[1.41] Mick
And it looks great. You’ve done a great job, it’s like you haven’t even been here.

[1:42] Dennis
Great, thanks very much.

[1:44] Mick
Alright, let’s go and look at the other one.
So, Dennis, what did you do in here?

[1:49] Dennis
Guys, we had a similar issue here with the AC unit going up here, and also one on the opposite side of this wall where we didn’t have enough room inside the wall to run their pipes out to the outdoor unit. So what we had to do was build this bulkhead so we could have room to run the pipes outside and finish it off that way.

[2:07] Mick
So basically, you’ve added this piece and then painted it and it looks like it’s always been there.

[2:13] Dennis
Yeah, that certainly was the plan. Can be a bit tricky sometimes when you’ve got walls like this but that’s probably the only compromise we’ve come up with.

[2:20] Mick
Excellent, that looks really good. Great work.

[2:22] Dennis
Okay, thanks.

[2:25] Mick
So, Dennis, we’re in the main bedroom here, what did you have to do in this room?

[2:29] Dennis
Okay, Mick, so what we did we tightened the door handle in this room. What we find is actually constant wear and tear door handles can come loose over time so we go through the property and check all the door handles and tighten any that require it.

[2:42] Mick
Okay, so they’re done. What else did you do in this room?

[2:43] Dennis
So what we did as well was move the power points. They put a new bed in here and the old bed was smaller so they had to move the power points in the back wall to allow for that. So the electricians came in here, cut some holes in the wall, ran some new cables and put a new power point in, and then we came and patched and plastered and painted the holes afterwards.

[3:02] Mick
It looks like you haven’t been here again, great work.
Now you’re working on another carpentry project right as we speak?

[3:07] Dennis
Yes, I’m in the other room, you want to come and have a look?

[3:08] Mick
Yeah, man.
So Dennis, can you explain what you’re doing here?

[3:13] Dennis
Right Mick, so what we’re doing here is we’re putting the joinery unit in. So I’m going to pull this plasterboard off this. You can see the sparky (electrician) has already disconnected the old power points and things, taking the old lights out but once this plasterboard comes off we’ll pull this framing out from inside here. Take it right back to that wall and once that is done we’ll clean up and replaster that and repaint around the outside, ready for the new unit to slide straight back in.

[3:35] Mick
Well, it’ll look brand new after you’re finished, I’ve seen your work.
So that’s great. Look, you’re pretty busy, I know you’ve got a bit on today, haven’t you?

[3:40] Dennis
I have yeah. Once I’ve done this I’ve got some practice with a hand mirror the hang and some flat-pack furniture to do as well.

[3:45] Mick
Well, I had better get out of your hair.

[3:47] Music