How to maintain your rainwater tank

In order to ensure your rainwater tank can collect as much water as possible and the water quality is as good as it can be, the tank has to be maintained regularly. Here’s what’s included in our rainwater tank check.

Mick speaks to Fallon plumber Elija to find out how to keep your rainwater tank in good condition

How to maintain your rainwater tank – video transcript

[0:03] Mick
So, Elijah, we’re here to check the condition of my rainwater tanks. What are you actually looking for?

[0:07] Elijah
Yeah mate, so I’m just looking to make sure the water quality is nice and clean and that it’s all working fine for you.

[0:13] Mick
Okay great, so what would you look at first to make sure that is the case?

[0:17] Elijah
So the first thing we check is we just turn on an external hose tap that’s connected to your rainwater system and just make sure it’s working.

[0:22] Mick
And that’ll tell us that the pump’s actually working.

[0:24] Elijah
Yeah exactly.

[0:25] Mick
Okay, fantastic. What else?

[0:27] Elijah
Another thing to check is just to make sure the inlets and the outlets of your tank are free and clear of any debris, leaves, dead insects just to stop affecting the water flow.

[0:37] Mick
What else would you look at to make sure that you know that my tanks are in good condition?

[0:41] Elijah
So another thing to check on is just now with this tank here, it’s brand new, so there’s no dramas but with some older tanks, you might get some deterioration over time caused by rust cracks. And you don’t want that.

[0:54] Mick
No. Because the rust could affect the water quality couldn’t it

[0:57] Elijah
Exactly right, you’d have very poor water quality in your tank with a rusty tank. But a brand new tank here mate, so no dramas.

[1:04] Mick
Okay great to hear. So what would I need to do to ensure that it stays, you know, in good condition?

[1:09] Elijah
Well, the only things you need to do is just make sure your gutters are clean and your inlets and outlets that your tank are just kept clear of debris.

[1:17] Mick
Okay and that’s stuff on the top of the tanks there. There’s something that keeps the mozzies out isn’t that right?

[1:22] Elijah
That’s right. So it’s the mozzy guard and it’s just a mesh screen that goes over the top and it just keeps all the bad stuff out.

[1:29] Mick
Yeah, fantastic. Alright, so making sure that’s clean and then we’re good to go.
So I’m glad I don’t have any rust and impurities in my water but what if I did notice any sort of algae or mould or whatnot in my water? Is there anything I can do?

[1:43] Elijah
Well in that instance we recommend this product called Tank Safe, and you pour it into your tank from just in the inlet up on the top and it kills all the bacteria and algae.

[1:53] Mick
Great, so I’ve got an alternative if that happens. So I’m in pretty good condition, I’m pretty happy but I’ve got an alternative in the future.

[1:58] Elijah

[1:58] Mick
Right, great.

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