Are your smoke alarms compliant with the current Queensland legislation?

Watch our video of homeowner Mick and Fallon Solutions electrician Morris to find out more about the Queensland Smoke Alarm Legislation to make sure your smoke alarms are compliant and in good working order.

Are your smoke alarms compliant with the current Queensland legislation? – video transcript

[0:08] Mick
Good, so you’re putting 12 smoke alarms into this property to make sure the home is safe and also make sure that it meets the current Queensland Smoke Alarm Legislation. Tell us about the legislation.

[0:18] Morris
So Mick, because of the first of January 2017 any new build or any home that’s been substantially renovated needs to meet the latest and greatest smoke alarm standards. As this place is going to be in Airbnb we need to bring it up to that standard, make sure there’s smoke alarms in all the compliant locations.

[0:34] Mick
Okay, great, so what are the requirements? What we are going to put in?

[0:36] Morris
So basically we’ve got to put some of these guys in, a photoelectric smoke alarm, 10 year battery back up and interconnected. Basically in every bedroom as well as outside the bedrooms at least one and every storey of the home as well.

[0:47] Mick
Okay, and so when you say interconnected, they actually talk to each other?

[0:50] Morris
That’s right. So if one goes off, sets them all off. It’s going to be the earliest alert for the whole family if something happens upstairs it’s going all at the other levels to make sure.

[0:58] Mick
Really important in a multi-storey home like this.

[1:00] Morris
Exactly right.

[1:01] Mick
Okay so exactly which rooms have we got to put it in?

[1:02] Morris
Anywhere that’s a sleeping area Mick, at least one on every level, whether there is a bedroom or not and like you said if there’s a fire that starts anywhere else in the home that’s going to alert the whole house.

[1:12] Mick
Right, okay. So that’s the letting properties, Airbnb. Tell us what the legislation says about, you know, owner-occupied homes or apartments.

[1:20] Morris
So our owner-occupiers have until the 1st of January 2027. In my opinion the sooner the better. The more smoke alarms you have in your home the safer you are.

[1:28] Mick
Well absolutely, I mean getting a Fallon Solutions electrician out to make sure your home is safe and saving lives of your family makes all of your sense absolutely I could not agree more. Good on you mate, keep up the great work.

[1:39] Morris
Thank you.