Smoke alarm checklist for your peace of mind

It’s essential to have your smoke alarms checked regularly to ensure they are in working order, so you and your family will be alerted in the case of a fire. Find out more about what’s included in our comprehensive smoke alarm check in this video.

Mick speaks to Fallon Solutions electrician Morris to find out the best way to test smoke alarms to ensure they work effectively in a fire.

Smoke alarm checklist for your peace of mind – video transcript

[0:04] Mick
So, Morris, Fallon Solutions have a $99 Smoke Alarm Check which is really important to do because it could potentially save lives in the event of fire.

[0:12] Morris
Yeah, that’s right Mick. So oftentimes when there’s a fire in a home often people aren’t aware or they’re aware too late. Unfortunately, nearly half of all house fire deaths occur when people are sleeping. So when you lose your sense of smell.
So we just want to make sure that all your smoke alarms are working and meet the standards.

[0:29] Mick
Okay, so it’s really important we do this. So what’s involved in the smoke alarm check?

[0:31] Morris
Yeah, good question Mick. So on the iPad here we’ve got a basic checklist, just running through and making sure that all your smoke alarms meet the current legislation compliance. And just go through to tick them off one by one.

[0:44] Mick
Okay, so how are we going here?

[0:46] Morris
Yeah, we’re doing really well. Basically, what we’ve got here is just a checklist, so all your smoke alarms are photoelectric, so get ticked for that.

[2:11] Mick

[0:54] Morris
They’re all interconnected Mick.

[0:58] Mick
So when you move into connected if one goes off they all go off. That’s telling everybody that there’s a problem somewhere in the house.

[1:01] Morris
Exactly right. So if a bedroom one goes off, sets off the hallway, vice versa.
And all of your smoke alarms have a 10-year integrated battery. You have smoke alarms in all your bedrooms which is awesome. Also have them in the main areas, at least one on every level outside the bedrooms as well.

[1:16] Mick

[1:17] Morris
They’re all manufactured within the last 10 years. Fantastic
And now we’re just going to get into the testing side of it. Make sure they all beep when you press them.
Do we need to tell anyone Mick before we go ahead?

[1:29] Mick
No, I’ve actually let everybody know already so we’re right to go.

[1:31] Morris

[1:33] Music

[1:38] Mick
And so what’s the last part of the check? They’re all workings that great. So it works?

[1:42] Morris
Yeah, the last check is just to make sure that the safety switch trips in the switchboard for the smoke alarm circuit. So we’ll head out there now and give that a test.

[1:48] Mick
All right, let’s go sweet.
So if the safety switches are here it protects from electric shocks

[1:54] Morris
Yeah, that’s right. I mean so a basic way to test them is just to press the test button on them and that just proves that they’re working. So we’ll give these ones a test for the smoke alarm circuit.

[2:04] Music

[2:05] Morris
To put them back on, make sure they hold. I think everything works the way that it should.

[2:11] Mick
So my smoke alarms are fine and they’re compliant but everything is as it should be.

[2:16] Morris
Yep, definitely, everything was good today so what I’ll do is I’ll shoot that through your email so you’ve got it on record the full certificate of everything I’ve done.

[2:23] Mick
Brilliant mate, great work thank you.

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