The simple access control solution for your home

The idea of a key lockbox is to provide access to your guests without actually having to be at the property. Find out more about how it works and why it is such a convenient solution.

Mick speaks to electrician and security technician Chris about the benefits of installing this simple key lockbox access system.

The simple access control solution for your home – video transcript

[0:03] Mick
So Chris, the access control system is really coming together.

[0:05] Chris
Oh, thanks man. Yeah, it’s going to be super handy for you when you let guests into the property.

[0:09] Mick
Yeah, look and so what do you actually put in here and how does it help me do that?

[0:13] Chris
I’ve put in a lock box so you can actually put the keys to the house inside the lock box then you can give them a code and the code will actually open the gate and open the lock box at the same time.

[0:26] Mick
So they get one pin number, it opens the lock box that’s given the keys to the house and opens the gates so they can bring their can in.

[0:30] Chris
Yes, Mick.

[0:32] Mick
Well, that is going to save me a lot of trips. That’s fantastic.
And so what happens after they leave? Is there anything we need to be aware of there?

[0:38] Chris
Once they put the keys back in the box you can then remotely change the code so it keeps the house and the key secure.

[0:44] Mick
Right so after they’ve gone I’ve got a totally different code they can’t come back. They can’t give the code to anyone else and basically, the property stays secure depending on when I want to come back up.

[0:51] Chris
Yes Mick

[0:44] Mick
That sounds like a great idea mate. Thanks for explaining.