Portable Peace of Mind with CCTV

CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) is the first line of defence against intruders as it acts as a deterrent. New technology means you can keep an eye on your home from anywhere at any time and alert authorities as soon as possible. It also helps identify who, what, when and how in real-time, assisting the investigation in the event of a break and enter. Watch our CCTV video to find out how you can keep your home secure.

Lee speaks to Fallon Solutions security specialist Hobie about the benefits of installing CCTV cameras to boost your home security.

CCTV: Portable peace of mind – video transcript

Lee: Interest in home security has risen over the last few years and I’m here with Hobie to talk about how home security has evolved.

Hobie: Hello Lee. Up to ten years ago the only real options with home security was an audible alarm system. These are still available today however you can now monitor and view your home from anywhere in the world using a smartphone or tablet.

Lee: The traditional alarms system alerts if there’s a problem so what’s the advantage of the new alarm system?

Hobie: The advantage of the new system is you can call the police much sooner because you can see what is happening in real-time. The old traditional system, you’re relying too much on other factors, whether it’s your next-door neighbour or the security company, to call the police for you.

Lee: So a person will be able to see what is happening at their home no matter where they are?

Hobie: That’s correct. Some cameras can be connected to a loudspeaker so you can announce that you’ve captured them on camera and called the police. This is a massive deterrent.

Lee: So this is way better than one of those video doorbells?

Hobie: Video doorbells are great in that most burglars will see if anyone is home first by ringing the doorbell. When they think that someone is home they move on.

House occupant: Hello?

Burglar: What? Oh fine.

Hobie: The good news is the video doorbells are a part of the security and automation systems that we provide. Their key feature is that you can talk to the person ringing the doorbell where ever you are in the world. Again this is a deterrent for burglars but it is also handy for giving instructions to delivery drivers or dog walkers.

Dog walker: Hi, I’m here to walk Rosie.

Lee: That’s great, so what else can you automate?

Hobie: Almost anything else in your house that is powered can be automated. Like front gates, garage doors, interior and exterior lighting, and even air conditioning.

Published: October 15, 2018 Last Updated: October 24, 2022