How a solar hot water timer can save you money

[00:03] Mick
So Alan you’ve installed a hot water timer into the switchboard. What exactly does this device do?

[00:07] Alan
So we’ve got the Hager time clock there. What we do is we put it on the hot water circuit and control the heating times to run during your solar hours.

[00:14] Mick
So in other words we actually control what time of the day we actually heat the hot water system from the energy I’m cranking on the roof?

[00:21] Alan
Exactly right.

[00:22] Mick
So what are the typical sort of solar hours?

[00:24] Alan
So generally we would set it between ten and two depending on how we set up the system on the roof as well.

[00:30] Mick
Okay and as a result of that, I’m saving money?

[00:32] Alan

[00:34] Mick
Okay, so what if I run out of water or you know I need more water how do I get around that?

[00:36] Alan
So for one (of the) applications, you do have a little manual override switch and if it’s a regular event you can adjust the time frame to make it better to schedule.

[00:46] Mick
Okay, that seems easy enough. Thanks very much.