How well is your solar system performing?

A solar PV system can only help reduce your power bills if it’s working well and generating enough power. Damaged panels or cabling or a faulty inverter are some of the factors that can have a negative impact on the performance of your solar system. Watch our video with our solar electrician Alan and homeowner Mick to find out more about what’s included in our $99 solar performance and safety check.

How well is your solar system performing? – video transcript

[0:03] Mick
So, Alan, I know with my solar system that I need to make sure I maintain it. You’re going to do a $99 Solar System Inspection for me today, aren’t you?

[0:10] Alan
Yes, that’s right.

[0:11] Mick
Okay, so what’s involved in that?

[0:12] Alan
So we will go and do a visual inspection of everything connected to your solar. So we go from the switchboard right down through your inverter and then up onto the roof and all the cabling in between.

[0:20] Mick
So we are here at the switchboard so while we start here let’s have a look.

[0:24] Alan
So straight away we can tell this one’s been recently upgraded. Everything’s nicely labelled, nice and clear so you know what’s what. You’ve got the right protection equipment, you’ve also got the extra surge protection here which is perfect for your inverter in case you get hit by lightning or something like that. And you’ve also go the main earth stake has also been upgraded as well.

[0:42] Mick
So this setup is what it should be like if I’m going to protect the expensive solar system I just put in.

[0:49] Alan
This is the ideal setup.

[0:50] Mick
Yeah excellent, good to hear mate. So where do we go from here?

[0:52] Alan
So now we can go down to the inverter.

[0:54] Mick
Okay brilliant. So Alan how does it look?

[0:55] Alan
Yeah, everything looks really good. Everything’s labelled correctly, everything’s in really really good condition.
So I’ll grab my ladder and I’ll jump up on the roof and I’ll go make sure everything’s all good up there.

[1:06] Mick
Brilliant. So everything’s as it should here, you’re going to check the panels for me.

[1:08] Alan

[1:17] Alan
All right Mick. So everything up there looks spotless. The panels are in good condition, the cabling’s all in good condition.

[1:23] Mick
Great really glad to hear that. So you’re going through the checklist.

[1:24] Alan
Everything’s perfect but in a few minutes, I’ll send you the full report.

[1:28] Mick
An email to me?

[1:29] Alan
Direct email.

[1:30] Mick
Brilliant, thanks mate, appreciate it.

[1:32] Alan
No worries.

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