How to clear a blocked drain

Have a blocked drain? Let Fallon Solutions drain plumber Lachie explain to you some common causes and the best way to clear a blocked drain and check what the underlying cause is.

How to clear a blocked drain – video transcript

Lee: Well we are at a traditional Queensland home which is showing all the symptoms of a blocked drain. Lochie, what do you think it is?

Lachie: Well Lee it’s most likely going to be tree roots that are in the drain.

Lee: How do we actually diagnose a blocked drain?

Lachie: Your toilets will be filling up and not flushing or there’ll be water flowing out of the inspection point at the front of the house. On this occasion, it’s definitely tree roots.

Lee: How do we find a blockage?

Lachie: Well Lee we send down the jet rod with a small bullet attachment on it. What that does is put a hole in the blockage and then we slowly bring it back allowing all the water to drain from the drain. Now the next step is we send down the camera, we feed the camera all the way down the drain to find out the extent of the blockage and then we can find out exactly where it is. On this occasion, it’s definitely tree roots.

Lee: So we’ve located the problem how to actually clear it?

Lachie: Well Lee we send down our high-pressure cutting head. When it arrives at the blockage it spins around at 3000 psi this effectively removes any tree roots in the area. Now unlike a mechanical cutting head, there is absolutely no damage to the drain.

Lee: So the drain seems to be clear the water seems to be flowing nicely Lachie, is that it?

Lachie: No Lee it’s not they’ll still be tree roots in the drain and the drain appears to have a crack developed as well so we really need to get a reline down that and sort the problem once and for all.

Lee: Well there you have it in the next video Lachie’s going to show us how to reline a drain.

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Published: August 06, 2018 Last Updated: October 24, 2022